Request: lens distortion presets for facepad thickness


Each distance needs to be tuned accordingly. Because eye distance affects distortion quite a lot.

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But it’s not just the foam thickness, the shape of the face = eye distance from the lense is as much important.

However, there could/should be different distortion profiles where a user could choose from? :thinking:

Edit. That’s what you basically meant


I just got my 5k+ Pre-order today and I’m really surprised by how bad the distortion is for me. My IPD is 60. The image waves and warps as I look around and it’s not just on the periphery of the lenses. I’ll try experimenting with different foam to see if it improves. So far the 5k+ has been a major disappointment. I’ve no idea why this wasn’t highlighted as a major issue early on.


Try to move your headset up/down

What the hell am I giving advices for don’t even have the damn headset.


I am also seeing a great deal of coke bottle distortion with my 5k.

I have a Vive and have done a lot of visual mods (VR Gear swap and different foam/face mask cushions). So far I have been unsuccessful at reducing this distortion.

I can’t use it much because it introduces VR sickness - something I don’t have with the Vive.

My IPD is 66.

Bringing the lenses further away from your face reduces coke bottle distortion and also increasing the IPD. Try also to tilt the headset top and bottom to get a better alignment, you mught need to shim it up.

Pls add to suggestions

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I make masks like this, no deformation.


From your previous posts I can honestly say that I think you are a caring and helpful individual who is interested in VR and Pimax that is why you post in the forum. Hope you recieve your hmd soon. :grinning:
response to your why am I giving advices when I don’t even have the headset.
thanks for the light hearted comments.

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