Request for downgradable firmware version


Hi please don’t forget to give your backers and clients a way to downgrade at least one version of firmware/parameter back from the newest upgrades. Many big companies enforce upgrades without giving the possibility to downgrade. Since this is a new product and it will be probably in development for some time give us this possibility. In the field many things could append and it’s always frustrating to upgrade our hardware to just discover that device is working less than before

For safety reason you could make some provision that some version aren’t down-gradable


Speaking as a developer, I don’t want this implemented. I don’t want to have to test my VR applications on multiple firmwares. And as a user, I’ve had Oculus Rift since the early DK1 days, and I’ve never had a desire to downgrade my firmware. There were some people that wanted that back when the CV1 stopped running old dev kit software that the developer stopped updating, but that’s a specialized case that wouldn’t apply to Pimax.

I see a question of philosophy here, do you give the power to the user or do we force the updates so that the developers and companies has less support to do. Personalty a reject this method and Apple products are the ones that come in mind. Sadly this is the norm now.

I’m a developer too and as a user I once upgrade the firmware of my Vive headset and lost some performance is some games never found why never will because to hard to go back. PImax is a really small company and I down want to send back my headset to China because of a bad firmware update

Beside for most users this feature could be hidden and only use in emergency cases so on your side no need to support any version you don’t want to…