Request: Firmware of Oct 2019's 5K+

Hello @Matthew.Xu @SweViver

Have received Revision 5K+ in early November, SN 20420494223076.

Issue: Firmware 248 turn them into a brick. Older Firmwares than 244 also turn it into a brick. 244 gives a picture, but gives latency and distortion. There have been other users experiencing the same issue who contacted me via PM here and on FB.

65Hz mode is unusable due to this latency, and it is still felt in 90Hz! Some users have reported distortions (Uppi93, me, others).

We cannot rollback to the shipped Firmware, as it is not uploaded.

Please please please provide us the .dfu that are pre-installed on the new Revision 5K+ headsets.

Thank you very much

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Great, this is a serious issue for some.

Can we at please get a statement on that? We need that Firmware to rollback, in case we have not declined the automatic function that updates our Firmware to the new incompatible version. Just trying the Beta FW can brick our new 5K+ headsets or create crazy distortions.

At least enable us to do a rollback to the default pre-installed Firmware this way, please.

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In case support doesn’t handle the issue like they should, after installing an old PiTool you can find its corresponding firmware in:

C:\Program Files\Pimax\Runtime\dfudriver\p2.dfu

There are web downloads for older firmware versions but looks like they have been manually uploaded.

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The only working firmware is 244 from Pitool .197.
If I try to install a Firmware from Pitool .180 or .144 the Headset is not recognized anymore by Pitool and I have to restore it to 244 firmware with DFU Tool.

But with firmware 244 there is crazy distortion and the the 64 and 72 hz modes are missing.

I got my old Pimax 5k+ here so i can compare them next to each other. And the old one has zero distortion and every firmware is working fine.



thanks, but no. Please read the post thoroughly before replying.

We are referring to the Firmware that has been pre-installed on the 5K+ Revisions since October 2019, Serial Number of 204204-94223076. No PiTool version carries the correct Firmware.

@Matthew.Xu @SweViver @PimaxUSA @Konger Please look at this and please get us help. CST #21,197


Sorry for the inconvenience.
The team will follow up on the ticket today, thank you.