[Replied] Waiting for Pimax

UPDATE: I got my Pimax. Thanks for the forum and pimax team.
looks like this forum is very active than emails. Finally my account says status is fulfilled and I got the tracking number. Thanks for solving this long standing issue.
Dear all,

order number P122941

@mozi @anon74848233

I backed PimaxVR in good faith but their response is completely off the chart. It seems like they simply don’t care.
It has been past 50 days since they said they send the device soon. They either keep dead silence or send the same message again and again for the emails that were sent months ago.

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I add the support team for you :slight_smile:
order number P122941 Correct ??

I’m not from Pimax at all even if I wouldn’t be against it, by seing your order number you placed your pre order between december an january right ? May you tell me if it’s for Europe ?
If both true then your Pimax is maybe with mine and just reached 2 days ago the warehouse in UK, meaning a tracking number should be expected by the end of the week.
But this is just a guess

@mozi @anon74848233

your not alone backer 6248 and the wait continues

I understand your frustration but please be aware that if you make any legal threats on these forums the topic will automatically be closed as per the forums code of conduct. references to legal procedures need to be managed by Pimax directly and will be removed from public community forums.

You will only receive one warning.

Thanks for your understanding


yes stop free speech on pimax forums been happening a lot lol

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Everyone must adhere to the forums code of conduct, if you don’t wish to follow the rules, go elsewhere. It’s that simple.

i am in agreement with you but pointing out the facts of it that was all

Mods and community leaders do not sensor general chat on the forums… We are here to guide… Keep the topics on track so they don’t drift off topic, however… you must understand that anything like legal threats or visitors threatening to withhold funds from pimax can only be managed by Pimax staff via their official ticket system. As these involve legal proceedings the community must not get involved. And as such any and all of those types of posts will be taken down.

As this member had a legitimate issue I did not remove the post, I just advised he should not incite legal action in others or it will be handled differently.

That is just the way it is I’m afraid.


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Thank you for your feedback. I consent to take down the post if you wish. I too hate to get your attention this way.
But to clarify, my post was a harsh expression of how you handle customer emails. When I wrote about legal action, I didn’t think it was a threat but was a legitimate concern due to insufficient communication to clarify and solve the issues from your side. It got out of control when I got the same mail 3 times with no reply or update or answer of any kind. When there is no meaningful mail/action/dead silence I didn’t know what else to do. I was calling out to the community who suffer the same way as me for suggestions that I felt was the only way. Is it unlawful to do so? I don’t get it.
I understand my post was too harsh and wish I was not in such a situation. Why haven’t you guys be more communicative and clarify the concerns better?
I truly want you guys to be a success but as the days pass by I was realizing that you are your own worst enemy. As I understand, I am not the only one but a lot of them are having the same issue. I can not speak for all but all I wanted was some form of communication that gives some honest answers. I think that is part of your service to communicate to customers when there’s a delay or problems. Given that Pimax is a startup with a limited workforce, if you say that it may be delayed for these many weeks due to whatever legitimate reason, I would understand that. Instead, I was told long ago that the device was ready to ship in the warehouse and will get tracking number but later realized that it was not ready or not sent.
My strong criticism of Pimax is to please improve your communications to customer issues and clarify the difficulties if you have some. I believe the damaged relationship can be repaired if you make changes in customer service. Thanks for your attention.


Hi Armanious, Thanks for your message. I am just glad to see someone answering my concerns directly. You are right about order number and duration. Yes, it is in Europe. Actually, I got a tracking number right after this post. Although the tracking number is not working yet, I will wait for a further update. Although, I don’t understand what you mean by not from Pimax lol.
Thank you again for your answers.

Hi Siva,

I do not work for Pimax, I am merely here as a community leader to help keep the forum in order. yes, this is the official Pimax ‘community’ forum, emphases on the community. with that being said you have (as i have posted earlier), a legitimate issue, which is why I only posted the warning so that your topic was not removed without notice - this would of removed the legal reference but also your legitimate issue, which i felt would be unfair in your case.

We are able to tag Pimax employees on the forums, as some of them do post here sometimes, and having an order or ticket number will always get you faster results.

You have already notified Mozi and Dallas in your 1st message, so we will leave it for them to update you.

Have a great day.


Thanks. Good hear I am not the only one :sweat:

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Hi Enopho, Thank you for your understanding and clarifications. After this post, I got my tracking number and update about the delivery. I don’t feel good about the post either as it shines light on Pimax negatively. I do want them to make a progress in VR field and I think I sent a strong criticism via personal message. As my post was rather outburst which is not helpful but negative for Pimax I am fine with removing this post. Thanks.

Thats fine Siva, your issue is still valid, but if you are happy for your post to be edited i will remove the reference to legal action in there. That way the issue still stands as ‘need investigation’ and there is no harm or foul intentions.

Leave it with me


Your headset has shipped from oversea warehouse already, you will receive your individual tracking number in 2 working days(Tomorrow is Saturday)

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and mine as i was informed it left SH about 9 days ago but still nothing as per usual i am sorry to say