[Replied]To RMA or not to RMA?


I thought I had a winner on the housing lottery but yesterday I discovered cracking of the HMD housing on my 8K. The crack is on the upper LHS of the unit but there are no internal visual issues as a result.

I am wondering if it would be better to just bang some epoxy resin on it to seal it up and prevent it further cracking or to run the Support lottery and try to arrange a replacement. As stated, there is no issue with the headset operation, just cosmetic at this stage on the outer housing.

With Support, I seem to not be able to use my forum login to access Support and I can not create a new login for Support.

I do hope the quality control issues of these headsets have been resolved in more recent batches as I think the product, on the whole is great and a huge step up on anything else on offer in the VR sphere.


Wonder if it would be in Pimax interest if they just send a new front case as this is the part that seam to brake.


That would be ideal as I would hate the whole ship - wait - eventually get a replacement for just a, at this point in time - cosmetic issue.

Still have fingers crossed that 8K users will get an upgrade kit option when tech allows for native 4K per eye to be realised with these headsets over a single cable. I’m thinking late this year - early next year corresponding with the Nvidia 30xx series of GPU’s :+1:

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This is is not good. They really need to get this resolved. I still have no issues on mine.

The problem with doing a hardware kit to support 4k per eye is too much of the internals would need to be swapped out like the mainboard with bridgechip.


If your headset doesn’t have any other problems I would wait until we know Pimax have definitely sorted out the cracking problem . That’s assuming Pimax aren’t going to do another backflip on return policy though . Is it correct to assume the headsets are under warranty for a full year ?


My personal opinion is that people need to stop perpetuating a rumor of an 8k to 8kx upgrade kit. I can’t imagine a company ever supplying this because it would require the user to gut their headset and reassemble it correctly. It would be vastly beyond the technical skill of the average user and the risk of damaging the unit would be extremely likely. There is no way they would warrant the headset once fully disassembled or encourage people to do it.


Fine, send it in to a rep for an upgrade at a reasonable fee. For the average user that would be the best solution and I agree with that. More so my point for the 8K is that it would be nice to have that option and the benefit would be nice.

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Or just wait & see what kind of price it will be once released.

I have one dead pixel in the center of my view. I don’t seem to have any other issues, so I don’t really want to RMA it. But on the other hand it’s right in the damn middle…

I feel your pain. To RMA or not to RMA indeed.

RMA any dead pixels are covered.


I know, but the question is whether or not it’s worth it since there are seemingly no other problems, or to try and navigate Pimax’s questionable QC and possibly receive an HMD with a different problem.

Wait until the housing starts to crack and RMA it then.

I have to agree with @Cynicism_FTW dead or stuck pixel rma especially whrn in mid view. The 2 current main issues seem to be cable & still have reports on housing cracking(but need to compare to see when built).

Cable is simple enough to get a new one sent.

Otherwise rinse & repeat where necessary.

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So far MY 5K+ seams to be prefect no problems yet, apart from I think the lenses are incorrectly manufactured with the center of the lens being in the wrong place for pepole with small IPD.

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Hold off on RMA if it doesn’t bother you ATM. There’s an odd chance their processes will improve and you could get a better product later on.


I found the first crack about 3rd or 4th week of owning



I’m seriously thinking about some sort of preventive measure to protect my headset, once it finally arrives.

The option that appeals to me most is to use electrical tape on all of the seams. I’d leave gaps as needed so as to not obscure the sensors. That kind of tape is soft and flexible, so it should provide cushioning and support for the joints. It’s also easily removable, in case I need to return the headset.

Thoughts? Does anyone have a better idea?

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:laughing: No. Bubble wrap is just shipped in a big box, but I did get an item made of soft foam rubber, wrapped in bubble wrap. :crazy_face: