[Replied]SUPEN-1750 Headset arrived loose in box

I guess I will post here too. I didn’t see this category before. My support ticket is in the subject.

I literally received a box in which the headset, power adapter, and such were just kicking around inside the box with no foam padding protecting anything. This has to compromise the warranty at the very least.

I’d like a replacement. I’ve not tried the headset yet but I don’t expect it to work. I’m willing to try it if it will not impact possibly getting a replacement at all if it doesn’t work.

If it does work I would like an extended 2 year warranty in writing to allow for the high likelihood it will fail sooner due to the abuse it must have taken during shipping.

Hopefully it works and I can get an extended warranty or a replacement. I’m not going to do anything until I know where I stand with pimax. I’m trying to be flexible given the apparent short supply of headsets.

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All the best

WTF this actually went through their quality control? WOAH

This is the 2nd backer this has happened to

@Alan.sun will reply to you asap.please be patient.