[Replied]Shipping to Canada

@Matthew.Xu which shipping company are you using to ship to Canada? I understand you are shipping direct from China and not through a warehouse, correct?

We are unified to the logistics company, and then they forwarded to all backers. Thanks.

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Ok thanks. But do you know which shipping company the logistics team will be using? UPS, FedEx, Canada Post?

I need to confirm and then reply to you. Thank you

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As a Canadian Backer this interests me as well. How long do you think shipping would take from HK to Canada backers direct…8 days?

Heliosurge received by CP Canada Post.

As long as they forward it, I think should be able to receive it within 10 days. Thanks.

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Also, please confirm the value that will be declared for Canada Customs. We have exorbitant import fees and taxes in this country so would be good to minimize as much as possible.


Heliosurge said he had no extra charges

Great. @Heliosurge can you tell us about your experience with the shipment?

quote from a previous post by heliosurge: “Mine was shipped with CN post & thus far no extra cost. Dx.com uses CN post & have not as yet been charged extra for shipping”. @Heliosurge

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The original spreadsheet said mine was "arriving at SH by 1-14 so I hope it ships out soon. Crossing fingers. Thanks again for youjr dedication and quick support in the forums.

Pimax is using DealeXtreme as the logistics company?

not sure @Heliosurge

Dx.com is DealeXtreme.

yea I got your inference…let’s wait for @heliosurge to respond.

I wonder how many Canadians are backers? We should start a Canadian Pimax Club. :wink:

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Canadian backer here! a Pimax club sounds great to me! :slight_smile:

Also I’m in the 36xx backers but the old spreadsheet said expected SH by 01/14, so hopefully I’ll find out soon.

I’m 27xx and still waiting. Spreadsheet said 1/18 to SH before it was changed to Preparation.

I’m 8KX with an 8K loaner. I was waffling on the 5K+ but since most of my VR is Elite Dangerous, the better blacks on the 8K sold me.

How about you guys?

I was initially an 8k backer, but I am switching to the 5k+. I’m already used to the terrible blacks from my current headset (HP WMR), so I feel like the colours won’t bother me too much. Partner that with me being a student, I don’t want to waste my money on something I might struggle to run. Finally, I really see the value of getting multiple discounts on the wireless module eventually.

As for why I don’t want to go for the 8kx or the 5kbe… well I just don’t trust getting limited edition models. Every time I’ve gone out and bought the special editions, well its left me with a complete lack of support for my device.