[Replied]Purple LED, Front of the device flashing on and off (Blue)

It tracks the headset and the wands and base stations, sometimes it can be glitchy getting them to track but it gets there in the end.

SteamVR Home doesn’t load up when Steamvr loads up nor can I find a way to launch SteamVR Home, but I can still play games.

As the title saids, it also has a purple/pink led light by the power button and the front blue line on the front of the headset turns on and off every second.

(I have a NVIDIA 1070 GPU)

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The purple pink led & blue flashing Chevron means you havr parallel projections on.


Thank you my dude, you’re a saint to this community. Helped me and a alot of users with this product :slight_smile:

So the flashing isn’t an issue, purely a unusual indication.

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Indeed as only those outside of VR see it. Lol

In future we are supposed to have some options to control the fron Chevron. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

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