[Replied]Pissed off backer

What is the point of backers wasting there time asking legitimate question’s to the staff
of Pimax and there’s NO reply…DEAD SILENCE!!!
Come on guy’s how hard is it to be courteous and say we don’t know yet or we will try to find out for you,and then reply??? not automated replies.

We backed this project in good faith , irrespective of the problems surely someone can monitor this closed forum and reply to the various concerns of the backers.
Silence will only harm the company and distance your backers , please REPLY to questions
End of rant


Yeah I have given up asking . It’s embarrassing to get ignored all the time .


If someone ignores you, it means they don’t care about you.

Pimax is basically saying they don’t care about backers.

@anon74848233 @PimaxUSA … can you please let 8K backers know the progress? How many 8Ks have been built. How many have been shipped to which warehouses. When can we expect to receive them?


Talking which, Kevin you didn’t answer the questions last night, I saw you started to type, but stopped. And I see you there atm.

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The day is nearly over in HK so it looks like no tracking numbers today :slightly_frowning_face:

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I guess they really don’t understand how it feels for us backers. The pain they put us through by being silent and letting us speculate … and then giving us hope (eg. 90% shipped by Christmas) and then failing to do what they say. Over and over.

Now what really worries me is news about not upholding the “receive new HMD before having to return faulty HMD” policy.

They clearly publicly announce this policy, but in the end tell backers with problems that they have to send in their faulty HMD first.

Is that not clearly lying??

If you don’t intend to uphold a policy, then don’t announce it!


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Had spotty internet when I was stuck in the snowstorm in an airport.


Thank you … I saw that update, but it still doesn’t tell me if my 8K has been built, and when I might receive it.

Also, it was buried in the “UK Backers” thread which I think lots of 8K backers may have missed.

Anyways, @PimaxUSA, I know you’re doing your best with what you have. I do not blame you at all - rather it is more of an organizational/company thing.

There should be better communication from Pimax overall.

Next, pre-order customers will begin to experience what us backers have experienced. I do not think this is a good thing at all for the Pimax brand.

Also it isn’t just one or two people complaining about communication … it is a lot of people.

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I know you are doing the best you can with limited resources but Pimax China’s silence is hard to take especially after that awesome apology letter that turned out to another heap of broken promises . I thought all the 5k+ headsets were shipped to warehouses way before the Chinese New Year .


Exactly. They always come out with nice words … and then they go back to the same old things.

For example, they said they would update the spreadsheet daily (or at least many times a week) … but no.


Hi Kevin. I hope the suppliers have shown you next gen 4K panels because that’s what we need right now. 2160p looks to be the new standard this year. Pimax will fall behind quick if someone like Valve release a device


Thank you for the info and for your hard work and dedication!

I wished more Pimax staffers had the same dedication as you do! (At least in terms of communication and upholding their promises!)

Good to hear about the internal improvements too.


You haven’t slept in two days? Is Pimax rubbing off onto you? You are gonna miss a screw somewhere if you don’t have enough sleep.

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@PimaxUSA and @anon74848233
How about dedicating a community day 1-2 days/week, when you only answer the community questions the whole day?
Rest of the week do other work.

Also, @deletedpimaxrep1, European support person coming soon?


Yeah poor old Kevin needs some help .


@PimaxUSA, what is funny (not) is that i’ve been told that if i switch to the 5K it would be sent right away from the oversea warehouse. So i did for the only purpose of receiving it sooner (months sooner as i have been promised).

Then i decided the same day to not go ahead with the switch and keep the 8K. But got denied saying the headset is shipped…

Since then i have open 2 tickets, escalate my tickets, sent an email to pimax support and i am being ignored. Completely ignored…

3 weeks after, nothing yet on the radar and the 8K are almost all done producing… I reiterate my desire to get the 8K i initially pledged for.


I have no idea what is going on with pimax. its insane…

dez. 18 I got my first 5K+, cracked, dead pixel.
it was replaced within 7 days with express shipping from shanghai. perfect!

my second 5K+ (the replacement) has a broken headphone jack.
nothing is happening, nobody replies and @Alan.sun asked for a freaking video about it… a freaking broken headphone jack video…

Then I see backers as high as in the 6K’s with broken housings - so NOTHING has been done about the shitty plastic at all. Even if I do get my 3RD 5K+ it is a matter of time it breaks again…

they promised upfront replacements for backer headsets - It is still written in this very forum: https://community.openmr.ai/t/pimaxs-updates-solutions-to-feedback-and-special-customer-service-for-backers/11534


The switch from the 8K to the 5K+ and these 100USD refund - they don’t know how and when they are going to refund it. think about it…

wasn’t kevin @PimaxUSA talking about improved support and stuff at CES? the opposite happened, it is getting worse and worse.

It’s a total mess a-z. A huge mess in management and an even bigger mess in product quality. I was a big fan of pimax but I have to face it, this is it. its typical china junk.

I gave up - I will depreciate my 700dollars at let it be.

@PimaxUSA get your shit together or you are going to face legal actions against you soon.


yes at the moment its terrible,

They now keep asking me to send my broken unit back first and then they will send a new one?

How long is this gonne take?And what if the new unit has dead pixels or black dots or something worse?

They need to hold on to their policy what is posted here!So backers get their headsets first before sending…

Also i did give them an option to change my upcoming 8k to an 5kBE oled ,

and then when i recieve it we could arrange my broken 5kplus unit to be picked up and that they can send a new one.

They said :not possible all orders(pimax8k) has been fixed,but it hasnt been even build or send to me so they could have done that…

There are to many lies told the last couple off month to us,

Sorry pimax,this is not the way to treat your investors in your product(without us there was no pimax)


No it’s called dedication. But something to be concerned as it can cause health problems stretching oneself so thin.