[Replied]Pimax,whats happening over there?Why dont we get any reply from the support or emails

Pimax,whats happening over there?

I am still sitting here with the broken 5kplus(where is my new one?)… unbelievable this
This is not how you treat your customers…

Also still waiting on the 8k…

This is how you do business?
I hope new customers are very carefull buying stuff at your company,with this kind off support.

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Me too. I’m waiting for my replacement for WEEKS because of the coil whine that headset has on the right side, been sending the 2 more emails and not even till today they ever replied. WTF is going on here? @anon74848233, @Matthew.Xu @PimaxVR @PimaxUSA


yea this is realy unbelievable…


At least you guys have had a headset i and others still await theres so you are better off than some


sent an email to @Alan.sun / support team but i just got a “no email address found” mail back.
it worked last week, so maybe he isn’t working there anymore?


Yeah also been 2 months waiting on sorting a replacement now getting complete radio silence


Try messaging Support through here.

I am getting good support communication via PM. It might just be an easier system for them to keep track of.


@Matthew.Xu @Sean.Huang @PimaxUSA @anon84525399 please can someone respond,have emailed many times regarding my replacement would it be possible when uk warehouse has stock to drive there and exchange my faulty unit (in person) this will save you 2 lots of courier services fees which after many trys to arrange has fallen very short and will also give me peace of mind that ill get a replacement.After all the messing around in the last 8 weeks i think this would suit both partys

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Here to help please

Please create a ticket from support: https://pimaxvr.com/pages/feedback

@Doman.Chen @Sean.Huang are you shitting me,ive been dealing with you via email for 2 months and was all agreed you would send a new one,then that changed and now you want me to fill another support ticket after going through 2 months of emails etc


I can only imagine what google translate is going to do with your message . :grinning:


@Doman.Chen were you replying to me (headset sent) as had no confirmation of a replacement srnt apart from an email i weeks ago saying its on route then an email 2 weeks later asking for my old one back

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with an broken screen it is not usable (in my case)

@Doman.Chen now youve deleted your reply saying the headset is sent and you will send tracking number(ive got it screen shot) why have you deleted this comment.

our after sales colleague will reply to you,please check later.

Ok @Doman.Chen but why delete your comment?

it was deleted by another people,not me myself.

Ahh ok look forward to hearing from your colleague

ok.thank you for your understanding and support.