[Replied]Pimax 5K+ with sparkling pixels

Hello All,

Received my Pimax 5K+ and got it setup today with Getting it working was simple and no more difficult than the bigger brands. Everything seemed to be working barring some stutter issues and this odd pixel sparkle. I also have no controllers as I don’t have a Vive and am waiting on my Pimax ones.

If I sit on a black screen or watch any content with black, within the black I can see pixels randomly turning different colors. It doesn’t seem to be certain pixels as there isn’t any pattern to it. It’s almost what I would describe as “bad reception”.

Thoughts? Anyone else seen this behavior?


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Have you made sure the cable is firmly plugged into your headset ? You probably have a faulty cable . There are lot of backers out there with the same problem at the moment .

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As stated verify headset side connector. In the 5k 8k directory @Davebobman has created a wiki of problems & possible fixes.

@anon74848233 please add to earlybackers.

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My problem is intermittent never seems to last that long. But was present the first time i plugged it in and has reared its ugly self a number of times then disappears as quickly as it came. Will be hard to diagnose. If i could get a new cable I would.

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Same exact scenario here. Now after about 10 hours of use, they seem to have gotten more more less frequent to almost gone

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You guys called it. I re-seated the cable going to the headset and no more sparkles. Thank you all for your recommendation. You really have to reef on that connector to get it out though, I didn’t believe it was a connector at first due to how stiff it was. For all those trying this step, it’s not like pulling out an HDMI cable. They’ve pressure fit the connector so it doesn’t fall out… and they did it well :slight_smile:


Then wait for the flickering pixel comes back …


After you reseated the cable, now do you still have sparking pixels issues?

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Hi Sean,
I’m having a similar problem with my PiMax 5k+. I emailed support back on Feb 8th, I know it was during the holiday, but I haven’t heard anything back.

My unit when it first starts up looks fine but after 20 or 30 seconds you start seeing sparkles in both displays. It looks like single pixels turning to a wrong color or going white. After about a minute there is quite a lot of sparkles. The screens will also blink off. They go black but come right back. They are only off for maybe a quarter of second or less. Its fast enough you can sometimes just think you blinked but it doesn’t take long to notice the screens are turning off and on. I have tried multiple USB ports but only have one Display port for the connector. I re-seated the cable in the PiMax unit didn’t help. Any other suggestions? Should I also create a support ticket?



Yes try to creaye a support ticket.

Are you a backer or pre order?

Backer, original 8k with lighthouse and controls, switch to 5k+.

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Received my 5k+ yesterday , setup was not straightforward though as I installed pitools .91 then had to install .95 to resolve the tracking issues , and like a lemon I spent half an hour trying to get steamvr to work only to realise that it shouldn’t be in safe mode ( vive pro insists on steam vr safe mode on my amd ryzen setup )

To start with I noticed the sparkling pixels very slightly in pitools .91 but a lot more so in .95 , whilst trying to get steamvr running I restarted the pc about 4 times and tried swapping different usb’s ( with other peripherals ) and now the snow has completely gone , I’m unsure whether it was another devices usb not plugged in properly and causing some interference or software but it has completely gone .
No idea what was causing it but definitely not the cable ( unless it’s a self healing one )

By the way PIMAX nice job thankyou

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@anon74848233 please add to earlybackers

Congrats! Yeah it seems ease of setup is hit & miss; I am guessing probably due to a mix of pc setups.

yes hardware and software

re the cables , I think the white dots/sparkling are more to do with psu’s and earths etc than any shielding problems , maybe stuff like motherboards being well grounded to the pc case , poor usb connections and plugging the headset power supply into the same ac socket as the psu .

In my case it was probably the usb socket that I was using ,
Anyhow absolutely no flickering dots/snow now

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Awesome glad to hear you received & got it fixed! Enjoy. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

and the sparkles are back again , I spoke too soon using pt 91

sparkles have gone again ???
I don’t think it’s the cable because that would be consistent , I have found a usb 3 lead with an extra usb plug for more power , see if this fixes the sparkles if/when the sparkles return

Just powered the headset adaptor from an extension lead away from the pc so that the power lead is away from the other video and usb cables , and sparkles have gone ( for now )
Please others try it , maybe the solution is better shielded power adaptor cable or keep it away from the other 2 cables leading to the breakout box

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@Heliosurge Just to follow up with everyone here. I got my replacement cable from Pimax yesterday and it resolved the sparkles and the displays (blinking) turning off and on. My symptoms always started out minimal and seemed to get worse the longer it ran I was skeptical a cable would fix it as it almost seemed heat related, i.e. longer it runs, but the cable fixed and its all good.

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Awesome to hear. Something @ioi655321 mentioned could be a cause of some of the cable failures. Being how the cable is tightly wound in the box might be kinking/stressing the cable. He mentioned there is similar problems mentioned with do cables for monitors.

I believe he said he used a hair dryer to straighten it (his issue was connection issues)

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