[Replied]Just received 5K+ and my screen is broken

Hello I just received my Pimax 5k+. I have installed the device and got it up and running with great ease. However there is a large rectangle box in the middle of the screen on the Pimax that will not go away. I have tried different versions of PiTools and it is still there. It doesn’t matter what application or game I am running it is constantly there. I can’t explain the distortion but it is clearly buggered up.

This is the best picture I could get.

Also over the parts of the screen are ok there are white flickering pixels all over.

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With the headset disconnected from the computer try to remove the cable from the headset, check for any damaged or broken pins on the headset and cable, and plug it back in.

See if that helps.

Can you post your system specs?

It looks like you have desktop text displayef in headset?

@anon74848233 please adf to earlybackers.

That’s definitely the beat saber warning text.

Source: play way too much beat saber.

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That doesn’t void any warranties?

There is no desktop text in my headset, that is just the main beatsaber screen.

strix gtx 1080ti
corsair 850w psu
asus strix z-370e
16gb gskill trident z ram

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I had what looks like the same issue with the “ribbon” across the screens when I first set mine up, moving the USB to a new port rectified it for me.


Which headset did you receive?

@anon74848233 please add to earlybackers

I recieved a 5K+ (originally backed 8k full)

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Congrats upgraded user level as well.

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@Sean.Huang @Alan.sun @Doman.Chen

Please check and solve this issue

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Please submit a support ticket on https://pimaxvr.com/pages/feedback

and attach your issue pic and video, we will check it for you.