[Replied]Just joined the cracked 5k club

Hey everybody- hope you’re all well. Had to take a break from VR and gaming due to some family stuff…

So I found a crack on my 5k+ and I suspect the plastic is super thin on the corners and has just given in to being handled when putting on or taking off. The support site is not accepting registrations- and @PimaxUSA notified me that they won’t be ready for support until March, which I assume means a ways into the month.

I just wanted some feedback from folks here- what do you suggest I do? Right now my HMD works, and I would much rather an in-place RMA for this thing, but I would at least like a response from Pimax as to what the options are. If I can get an RMA through US based Pimax in a few weeks, that should be cool- I can just work with what I’ve got for now. I am also worried that if I deal with Pimax’s home base they are going to force me to ship my unit back after which I will be months without a unit.

I dunno. Thoughts?

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As Pimax USA suggested wait until the Florida branch is operational and has spare housings. Aparently it will be a repair job


my headset is cracking along nicely, i’m torn on what to do, but lets not split hairs, there is a broken promise here, its not like its a rift, i dont want to cause division, there could be a gap in the support process.


No doubt you should wait until the US support center is open…especially since your unit works fine anyway. That way you won’t have to go a month or so without your headset while it is being repaired. Kevin with Pimax already suggested that US customers do this in his interview with MRTV


I haven’t kept up with the more recent YT reviews, but there was something in Ty Wood’s videos that suggested the later batches had a more updated plastic housing that appears more rugged? Are people around here confirming that as well? Rather than repair, it seems more proper to replace the unit with a newer one. I think there was only 100-something people in those first couple batches, right? Given Pimax’s current production rate, seems like they should just bang these out. I am happy to return mine where they can dismantle and re-bin parts as they need.

Here to solve this issue please

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Hi @anon74848233 and @Doman.Chen- thanks for jumping aboard the thread. We’d like to hear your input.

Please create a ticket from support: https://pimaxvr.com/pages/feedback

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Ticket registration appears broken. I can’t sign up.

sorry for that,please send your message to alan.sun@pimaxvr.com

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Done. Please let me know where we go from here.

Thanks for the quick response!

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Hey there- still no word from Alan Sun. Today, maybe? Please let him know.

sure,i will ask him soon.

two days later, still nothing from Alan Sun…

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Alan is replying to your email,please check again later.

Well that didn’t take long. Yes Alan Sun did respond, but if I am reading his email correctly the implication is they will not be doing anything for me. Essentially I took too long to tell them about the crack, and they have no way of judging- which seems to read as, ‘sorry you took too long to tell us about the crack, and hey- you could have broken your HMD yourself, so I don’t know what to tell you’…

Furthermore Alan is taking a position that the Pimax units have not changed at all. If we’re being generous this seems like a misinformed statement, and if I’m less generous is pretty dishonest.

In the last line he just tells me to fill out a ticket. Which is still broken. So I pretty much am being hung out to dry…

I’m a pretty patient guy. I will try to continue my talks with Pimax, but it’s easy to see that people with shorter fuses are going to have a hen when they get this kind of treatment. I really want this company to succeed, but they seem intent on sabotaging themselves around every damned corner…

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Hi Riccardo - Very sorry to hear you are having an issue and of course we will take care of the problem.

The most practical solution would be if you could hold off a bit until we have a stock of parts in the local US office then we can replace your housing. While the new office opens in March the housings will probably not land until the end of the month or so but of course we’re happy to change that out for you and do a complete check of your headset then turn it around very quickly.

Once we have all the parts ready to go we won’t have to ask people to wait but it was just a thought that could reduce your downtime a great deal.


Hi there- is this Kevin? I appreciate the late night response. So long as there are no other issues (my cable was giving me issues, but seems to be more cooperative for now) I am happy to wait. It’s a little ironic given the response I just got from Alan Sun, but I was hoping to be a little proactive here and get some kind of acknowledgement of reporting the issue so when the US facilities are ready I could just pass along a case number or something and get myself sorted quickly.

I guess at the end of it all I shouldn’t have bothered chasing this down- should have just waited for the US service to open. I think all the US backers are looking forward to seeing you guys in operation. Thanks again, and best of luck to you.