[Replied]I'm not on the spreadsheet - should I worry?

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I don’t recall whether I looked at the backer spreadsheet when it first went up or not (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sK1w_-gU6LaPYmZF1B-5W-Mr7gC1pFTuGkv2WBrQr-Y/edit#gid=1056907380), but my backer number is not listed. I opened a ticket, but does anyone know what that means? I was definitely charged at the end of the Kickstarter and filled out the survey just a few weeks ago about which headset I decided on (5K+ instead of 8K). I have screenshots of my filled-out form. So I would assume they had my info when that was sent.

What’s up with this?

That’s the wrong spreadsheet.
(Again, such chaos)

That one is user created one that each backer put their own status for others to see.
The official one has been taken down for now, but you can still find a link of it I think.

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that is a tracker spreadsheet.
You are meant enter your details in it, it’s made by backers for backers to keep track of delivered pledge :slight_smile:

Thanks. Weird. Why is there a user-created one? I’ll wait for the updated one then.

Oh, I see. Thanks. That makes more sense.

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Backers created it so other backers can see what backer number has received theirs so that they know how soon theirs are gonna arrive.

ie. if most backers up to #1000 have received their HMDs and update that into the spreadsheet, then backer #1010 can know that his is coming soon.

The Pimax one is a different spreadsheet that Pimax created to show the status for each backer (eg. whether shipped or not / where it is) but they have taken it down for now.

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I haven’t been on the forums in a while. Did people get confirmation of their survey results? I don’t think I got any other than from the survey itself.

I think only people who got confirmation are those who opened a ticket or emailed them to ask.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been catching up on the posts. I see some folks got a bunch of surveys. I just got the one on the 5th last month and clicking the link shows I did fill it out. I guess we’ll see.

But do fill in your details in the spreadsheet you linked to… the user created one. The more the better :sunglasses:

But where is the other spreadsheet ?

Been deleted cause was not up to date

You can give me your backer number via private message and i will check for you and solve your worries


Similar problem, just sent you a message,

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Looks like I’m now on the official spreadsheet listed updated the 18th as “To overseas warehouses” with a 5K+. All is well. Thanks @Matthew.Xu and @anon74848233