[Replied]I finally received my pledge #496 and I want to cry

I finally received last week my pimax headset backer #496, I wasn’t home due to work the whole week and nicely a friend was able to receive it for me.
So today I went pick up the so awaited box with my Pimax 5k+ inside at my friend place.

I come back home happy, I unbox it, it smells good :slight_smile:
everything was already setup on my computer cause with a friend we ordered a 8k too and had some tests with it saturday and sunday on my computer.

I had previously tested both 5k+ and 8k side by side in Holland few weekds ago. But my friend believe 8k has more room for improvement and I love the 5k+ better so I took the 5k+ and he took the 8k. And btw, if we were unhappy with our choices we could easily swap between us.

So 1 hour ago, I finally plug MY headset in my computer and let’s go, let’s try this baby ! :slight_smile:

And… I feel blur not like the 5k+ I tried in Holland but exactly like my friend 8k.
So I look closely at the pixel matrix with my eyes and… it is diagonal.
I can’t believe it so I go to pitool and I again see pimax 8k.
Still in total unbelief, I think it is because I used pimax 8k previously on this computer.
So I look under the headset to check and it is REALLY written 8k on the little white sticker underneath.

So right now, I’m really disappointed cause I wanted so bad a 5k+ and not a 8k
And I made sure support knew it, I even asked them to confirm my choice and in fact they did, cause I received this email on november 6th 2018 in our last communication email:

HI ,

Thanks for your response. We will ship the 5k+ headset to you asap and send you the tracking number via e-mail by then. I will take your notes and i don’t have the estimation date.Hope for your understanding.Please be advised and patient.
Have a nice day!

Best regards,
Pimax Support

So now, what can I do ? I’m so sad right now :sob: :sob: :sob:
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Damnit. So confirmations don’t necessarily mean actual confirmation now either…

Sorry for you, man. I guess they’ll sort you out so you’ll be fine in the end.

Boy oh boy, Pimax is sure making this wait exciting


I can’t say I am surprised. I backed the 8k, asked for 5K+ in survey and switched back to 8K and got this confirmed (SDE over everything for me and I prefer warm over cold colors).

Opening the box if it ever arrives will be interesting. My advantage: I think I’d keep either one. I don’t care all that much because I think both have strenghs and weaknesses.


I never switched back and forth
I just answered them I want a 5k+ and… They failed despite written confirmation


Sorry to hear this…

Doesn’t bode well for the rest of us who have swapped yet have no written confirmation :frowning:

Does the box say 8K? Or did you not know until you opened the box?

Can you confirm if these were 2 completely separate orders or a single order with 2 headsets? It’s not 100% clear.

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Melodramatic much?

The 8k was perfectly fine when I tried it, just open a support ticket and get your 5k and send the 8k back?


Sorry for the inconvenience.

I saw your question and I will reply to you after confirmation.


Dear @CyrilJ

We will strengthen the management of support work, I am sorry that this has happened.

We will handle the replacement for you tomorrow.

I hope that similar things will not happen again.

Thank you very much.



@Matthew.Xu Do the headset can ship to another one directly or need to ship back to warehouse first?

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C’mon! It was $100 profit, but you … sigh… :slight_smile:

2 separate orders, one for me and one for a friend, 2 separate backers
nothing on the box, just a little sticker under/on the headset with the serial number


that’s the point of my question, what is the correct procedure ?

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I don’t care about 100$ benefit, I just want a 5k+


I think it should go back to factory first cause I saw some random white dots, I have to check and try it more tonight if I have some time after work
plus it is one early piece so could have other defects… (plastic case?)


After-sales issues are shipped directly from Shanghai.


do you think I could receive it before february 8th ? cause I won’t be able to receive the remplacement till march, so either it is fast or I can wait after march… As you prefer

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i want my hmd to by that day, it’s my birthday

given that i have had pimax staff dodge my asking what surveys they used to fill in missing data i’m expecting to get the wrong headset. i’m expecting a lot of people to get the wrong headset if data was taken from surveys before 5k plus was announced.

Information that has only recently been confirmed can be guaranteed to be correct. There are still about 1000 backers, we will try to contact them individually by email.