[Replied]How to check SKU?

Hi there - UK Pimax 8K kickstarter backer but opted for 5k+ (based on early reviews).

Item turned up today (literally about 15 minutes ago) with no warning (I hadn’t received a tracking number of anything beforehand, as a matter of fact I was browsing the forum looking for updates when it arrived at my desk!).

Obviously pleased to receive my unit, but having done a quick unbox I have noticed that the Pimax box itself is a little dented and dirty (which worries me a little as I know that some of the earlier backers who received DOA or defective units (e.g. ones that cracked shortly after use) also had reported that their units arrived in a similar condition).

I’m keen to know if there is a way to check the SKU of the unit to ascertain whether it is one of the improved models (which apparently have slightly sturdier plastics and are not at risk of cracking). There is a sticker on the side which has a serial number (which also says “Model: P2”) - either of which may or may not have relevance. Is anyone on the forums keeping track of SKUs/hardware revisions?

Fingers crossed I got a good one that will not be DOA or crack!


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Unfortunately I cannot answer your question directly.

I’d carbon date the dust and you should immediately have your answer. Maybe serial numbers could give you a hint but none have been posted

Old housing

  • smooth surface
  • makes squeaky sounds
  • thinner with light shimmering through
  • turquois led?

New housing

  • rougher surface
  • blue led?

Looks like it might be the old housing :pensive:

Hoping it doesn’t end up breaking…

Obviously haven’t tried it yet (I’m still at work) but one thing I did notice was that there was a fair old gap around the bottom of the nose area, which is disappointing.

Sorry to hear that :frowning_face:
The best giveaway is the squeaky sound.
Here’s the original comparison.


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My understanding is that the chevron LEDs are RGB and that (eventually) PiTool will let you set the color and animation effect. The blue plastic apparently has a minimal effect on the color when lit.

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Congratulations,hope you enjoy your 5K Plus

I will find the root cause of not sending tracking number and reply via private message

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Please instead of investigating why they didn’t receive their tracking number, investigate why some of our tracking number are invalid and why a shipment is missing in Hong Kong.


Thanks for elaborating, I didn’t distinguish between LED and plastic. I just pointed it out because there seemed to be a difference in the video, but it could have just been the difference in lighting/angle.
Maybe the thicker housing plastic is what is responsible for the effect, if there is one.

I am pining for the day when the LED can be turned off, best color.


If you watch some of the early Pimax videos (2nd or 3rd prototype) you can see the color animations. I think off and solid colors will be some of the first options to be available.

However, I want Pimax to implement more important functionality first. Things like color saturation control and bug fixes are far more urgent, imo.


How about getting to the root cause of why I don’t have a tracking number yet buddy!!

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I can recall seeing a video somewhere that said, if one of the boxes inside the pimax box has “the next generation of VR” on it, it’s the old version. Wording might not be exact but mine didn’t say anything like that on the inside boxes.

And mine has the blue chevron.

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@anon58673590 You may want to know the exact meaning of SN number:

For example:
Pimax 8K SN: 200004 8 29 00001
1.200004 is internal code
2. 8 the year(2018=8;2019=9)
3.29 this headset is produced in 29th week of 2018
4.00001 the Serial code of this headset in this week