[Replied]How do we get movement on open tickets?

Hey folks, I’m wondering how we get movement on open support tickets. It seems they’re good about getting to you initially within a couple of days, but when you reply to their questions they don’t get back to you even after days and days and days. I think my ticket is one where I would need a Pimax tech to remote into my machine, to determine if my issue is fixable or not. So how can I get the ball moving? I even had a post in this category that was marked as ‘Resolved’, even though only one out of three things I mentioned was actually resolved, here: https://community.openmr.ai/t/resolved-supen-1909-issues-with-5k-without-lighthouses/15102

Note that I ask for a response to my ticket update there. I also ask whether the images I uploaded are viewable by the support team. Those two questions were not resolved.

@anon74848233, @Matthew.Xu


Hi,we have replied to you on supen-1909,please check.

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@Doman.Chen I replied to the ticket as well. I was out with my family tonight, but can meet you online tomorrow. See the ticket for my availability and how it overlaps yours. Thanks.