[Replied]Disconnected Error 10600


Today i finally received my Pimax 5k+ (preorder), i installed the latest pitool, and as soon as it started, it updated the hmd firmware, and then it give mi the hdmi/dp not connected 10600 error.

7700k/1080ti/16gb of ram, latest windows 10, nvidia drivers, etc.

Any help will be appreciated, than you

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I am waiting for my goggles myself and I see more and more of the same errors :frowning: Fear will connect these goggles to the computer so that the update did not damage anything … You tried to change the DP port to another one?

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Yeah i was afraid myself of something like this before i received them. I did try switching to other dp, reinstalling pitool, nvidia drivers, etc, nothing works :expressionless:

I had this issue today, a clean Nvidia driver update resolved it.

I installed the new beta PiTool: PiToolSetup_1.0.1.111_beta from PiToolSetup_1.0.1.109_R193 and got the 10600 error. At first I thought it was software related so I reverted back to the previous version of PiTool and I still get the error… I then uninstalled and deleted all things pimax and pitool from my %AppData% directories, and programs, reinstalled the previous PiTool and have the same result. When I plug in the HMD, i hear sounds through the speaker and the screen turns on briefly (1-2 seconds) and shows the desktop then goes black. The 10600 error remained the whole time.

I then downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers (already installed) and did a clean install and after reboot the HMD is back up and working!


I follow your suggestion and did a clean install with DDU of the nvidia drivers, same error 10600.

Thanks for the help guys

P.D: I also own a pimax 4k, so i might try a clean windows install later, so there is no trace of older drivers.


Yes some users are unfortunately experiencing this.

@Wooties had this problem on Pitool 111 with latest Nvidia Driver. After some different things for his case he found a clean Nvidia Driver(419.x) install worked.


please upgrade your GPU driver verion to latest one.

Already on the latest drivers (419.35). I am running out of ideas :no_mouth:, maybe resetting the firmware? (how do i do that?).
Also i can’t make a support ticket it wont let me login. Have to get to work now, i’ll keep trying to make it work when i come back, thanks for the help.

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So, i try everything on a clean w10 install, still no luck, :expressionless:
Any suggestion?

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I am very sorry for you, it’s terrifying what you write. I’m waiting for my Pimax 5K + myself and now I am full of fears. I hope you can bring them back to action.

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Maybe it’s the fault of the cable? Has anyone else had a similar problem on the latest version of PiTool?

I successfully did a firmware reflash, still showing no connection 10600 error. I guess i got a defective unit, gonna ask for a replacement.
Thanks to all for the help. :+1:

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Have you installed version or the latest beta?

yup, i tried both, same problem.

Have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting the cable at the HMD? 10600 Fix


Ok, i tried unplug and replug the cable to the hmd, it didn’t help, same error, thanks for the suggestion though.