[Replied]Cracking is starting

After 6 days of use i already have a crack on the headset. I did hit it lightly with a controller but that is bound to happen sooner or later with roomscale games. In fact, as soon as i took headset out of the box i knew that this design with sharp corners won’t last long. Anyway, what am i supposed to do now? I don’t want to RMA because it’s small and only cosmetic, also replacement would most likely have same design flaw. Right now i’m afraid of even using it in anything but seated games because what will happen when i accidentally hit it again, will casing split up in half? Can you give me advice on how to protect the headset from further damage? I think that you should really provide some silicone protective casings if you intend to stick to this flawed design. And i can add to this white flickering dots, blackouts and dead pixel (doesn’t bother me since it’s on outside edge). Headset in itself is amazing, but you can’t expect to be taken seriously with such bad build quality.

Here’s a picture, it’s best i could do with my cheap smartphone.

Please create a ticket from support: https://pimaxvr.com/pages/feedback

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please be advised. the headset is only for one time use. please be advised.

I have had my 8k since mid October with no cracking.

Stop trolling topics. Please be advised.


I added this to my existing ticket about white dots, SUPEN-2159 @Doman.Chen

we will reply to you soon


Recommend pimax to sell silicone for headset although user can print the case by 3d print.
It still save cost more than make the replacement again and again.


Not a bad idea but it will only hide the cracks that are occuring.