[Replied]Controllers - how long do I have to wait?

Hello :slight_smile: ,

I have questions about pimax 5k.

  1. Which controller is better? Trackpad or the thumbstick? Hybrid?
    I prefer thumbstick… i can play all games with that?
  2. If I order it (headset+controllers), I get only the headset yet? Because it seems the controller are not exist now. How long do I have to wait? because I think first the backer / pre-orderer will get it. That would take months?

(sry for my english… wenn du deutsch kannst wäre mir eine Antwort in deutsch lieber :))


Controllers & LHes are coming out later. Pre Order is a deposit as price is not finalised. Aa for Thumbsticks vs trackpad? Hard to say which is better. If your interested in trying a mix I would reccommend buying a Steamcontroller. Trackpad can have benefits but like anything new takes time to learn & adapt.

Myself? I think one of each is good. Myself as a backer of 2 headsets opted for a complete set of both controllers.

You’d should receive headset first & LHes & controllers when available. Probably End of q2 or early q3 (only a guess) @anon74848233 & @Matthew.Xu may have a better idea. Though likely only an estimate.

The headset can still be enjoyed with 3dof with Seated games.


We will release Controllers Demo in CES(9th Jan),The ship arrangement of Base station&controllers will be Q2 2019


Thank you for your answer :).
A deposit… that means if the final price is higher, then I have to pay the rest later?
(or lower, than I got the money back?)

Probably End of q2 or early q3…I have only a mixed reality headset and I can’t use this controllers.
Too bad, I think I wait until everything is available for purchase.

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Unfortunately no mix reality controllers are not compatible. However you could use your wmr for standing & roomscale.

While in the meantime use your pimax for seated experiences like:

Elite Dangerous
Project Cars
Vox Machinae
Solus Project

And more. But do understand the desire to wait on complete package with controller/LH pricing finalised. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

I myself can only enjoy seated experiences & standing experiences using a Razer Hydra.

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I think maybe the base station will be earlier than the controller.
However, I don’t have time to collect more information about base stations and controllers.
Perhaps there will be new news on CES. Thank you.


Awesome thanks Matthew. Myself content to wait as I know things are busy. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Why is my Topic unlisted?

Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:
Ok, i see… but then I have to wait additional months, because as I said before the pre-orderer will be supplied…

But I can buy the sensor+controllers from other systems? For example Oculus Touch (without the oculus headset)?
All games works fine with that and the pimax headset?
If I understand it right, if I order the pimax 5k headset today, they will send my order 21st Feb?

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Not sure the system must have unlisted it. It’s fixed.

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Im sure i was mentiont somewhere on the forum but if someone can tel me here if 1 base station could be enought ?


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Pimax has made 1 LH usage. If your thinking sim racers & such 1 should be good. Or standing games.

Other backers can likely answer with more details that have vive LHes.

If I user 2 headset, may I need 3 base station.

Do backer can use coupon to buy at the backer price or retail price?
I am interested in the base station & controller set, but not sure when we can buy. Do we need to buy from store and use coupon?

Edit : Remember that xunshu ever tell that can’t use coupon with base station because it come from the partner.

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