[Replied]Connection problems and a display error on my Pimax 5K+

A few days ago I finally received my backed Pimax 5K+ and I finally found some time to test it. My results are not very good and I wonder if I need to replace it.
I’m running the Pimax with an i7-8700K and a Nvidia RTX 2080Ti with the latest drivers.

  • First thing after setting it up was the Firmware update that started automatically immediately after starting Pitool: the progress bar went fully from left to right and stayed there when it should be completed. I waited for about half an hour until I closed the program (without any errors) but the LED on top of the HMD stayed blinking red/green/purple.

A look at the forums showed that I am not alone with this problem and Sweviver luckily had some video showing how to fix this by reflashing the firmware manually.

  • Now the HMD LED was red and Pitool showed the error 10500. A system restart didn’t help, after changing the Display Port on my GPU like someone suggested, I got the error 10600. After a restart of the Piservice, the HMD LED finally got green - but the displays were still black. Pitool now said everything is fine and I could even see that tracking works in the SteamVR display mirror, but only black displays in the HMD.

At this point I almost gave up but I tried replugging the Display Port once again and now it finally worked… (After this I tried to completely unplug the cable from the HMD and to reseat it but it didn’t change the behaviour)

  • The experience was fine and I liked it but I suddenly recognized that I had some purple pixels showing up only on the right eye and only where a specific blue/grey color should be. The first time I recognized it was by looking at the sky while it rained in SkyrimVR, after that I recognized it in other applications too.

I was hoping it’s gone after a restart but it stayed. In addition, I always have to replug the Display Port after I started Pitool and turned the HMD on, otherwise I always get the error 10500 or 10600 (it alternates).

I tried to create a support account but it doesn’t let me log in, even after trying it the next day and resetting the password - it just tells me the credentials are wrong.

What can I do now? Is this something future versions of Pitool and the firmware will fix, is the cable faulty or is the HMD broken? Does anyone have similar experiences?


Have you checked the Table of Content Wiki in Pitool Downloads in Banner topic?

Pixel flashing issue @anon74848233 @Doman.Chen should be able to help. (Add to earlybackers)

Supportbis working on fixing support site & will hopefully have it resolved soon.

Are you a backer or pre order?

I’m a Kickstarter backer that changed his pledge from 8k to 5k+.
I don’t think it’s the same “pixel noise” that others are reporting since it’s a discoloration of a specific color and it’s also no stuck pixels.
It even appears only on the right eye and only at the bottom half of the display.

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With luck can maybe fix through software.

Still the same issues even after trying the headset on a different PC. The support account also still doesn’t work.

I have sent an email to support@pimaxvr.com in hope of a response.


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Please PM me when you are available,thanks.

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