[Replied]After waiting 3 weeks for my replacement headunit

So ive been told for 3 weeks my reeplacement headset is on route and will get soon,and i need to send back my old unit after.Im now being told my old unit must be returned first.Pimax your service andsupport is the worst ive ever come accross,you have absolutely no chance of keeping your buisness running ive never been messed about so much in my life.if i return my headset how do i know a replacement will turn up as its not as if i can trust anything you said so far @PimaxUSA @Sean.Huang @Matthew.Xu.i have emails stating my new one is shipped this is completely unacceptable


Exactly,there are crossing the line now…Lies lies lies

For me exact the same story…



Thing is do i risk sending it back and end up with nothing once they deny recieving it back


they need to hold on too their special customers service,thats whats they promised!

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I received the same email and by me it will be picked up from home so I don’t think much can go wrong.


They promised the special customers service,what is mentioned over here…

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Yeah will get mine collected but still worrying them saying a replacement is in uk waiting as theyve told so many lies at this point i definitely wouldnt buy anything of them in the future

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Dont do it,

i am already busy working on it,they need to hold on from what they stated…

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I’m just north america focused and try to gather some solid information for you during my normal interactions with the teams.

As far as I know none of the info I’ve posted has been incorrect in any way whatsoever and I have been equally willing to post both good news and bad news.

I guess being accused of things comes with the territory and I should absolutely accept that - but that clearly is the most trying part of this interaction. I guess jumping into the middle of this for you was probably a no-win scenario but I will continue to try to help.


I can show you various emails from over the past 3 weeks informing me its at the local warehouse and will be sent straight out then a week later its on way 2 local warehouse please be patient .also posts saying all replacement hmd’s will be sent before we return the old one.The whole campaign has been one lie after another,not down to you @PimaxUSA but when you work for a dodgy outfit a certain amount of the flack will come back to you,i thought htc customer support was bad,but theyve never blatenrly lied over and over like pimax

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Their previous replacement option was pretty unique. Most manufacturers require an RMA before issuing a replacement unit.


The point is they shouldn’t say these things if they dont honour it,3 weeks theyve told me its on its way be patient


I am also been sending them emails, starting around 6 jan 2019 about my replacement.

Everytime there was a different story to it…

The last mails were that it was sended,but now this seems to be a lie again…

And now they want to change the policy about returning the replacements,This can be done if theres a new policy for new customers,but not for the backers(thats policy is already written)


Very worrying. I’m dreading receiving a duff unit, whenever that may be.


Same here. Waiting for pick-up now. Hope it goes fast all.

ok thats really funny ,all the replacment units were for uk customers ,there no good anymore


That a defective headset should be returned from Backers before receiving a replacement is simply unacceptable. With regards to previous trust of Backers during the Kickstarter campaign and ongoing delays in delivery and support processing. And especially if a defective headset can be used to a limited extent until the arrival of the replacement.

It’s already annoying to wait over a year for a Kickstarter product to discover that there are several obvious defects. And it’s even more annoying when the subsequent support processing runs as follows.

  • Reported the defects of my 8K hmd to Pimax support over 3 months ago (Nov 8th, SUPEN-313).
  • At the end of November, the defects were assessed with Teamviewer and replacement was announced.
  • On December 17th I received a message that my headset had been sent to the UK. (as many others)
  • On January 22, my support ticket was closed. Upon my request, I was informed that I will be informed as soon as the replacement has been shipped.

I really hope Pimax will review the proposal of Backers returning a defective headset before receiving a replacement, especially if a defective headset can still be used to a limited extent.

Anything else would be hardly trusting and a double disappointment for those who have received a defective Pimax headset.

And if there’s a waiting period of more than 3 months to complete a support case, Pimax’s concerns should definitely focus on other areas than generating more hassle and waiting time for affected backers. @Sean.Huang @anon74848233 @Matthew.Xu

Thanks in advance
Backer 41


I have another question regarding the replacement policy. Assuming the warranty begins the day I receive the pimax, what if the replacement process takes 4 months to complete if my unit is defective, what if the replacement unit is also defective? By the time finally receiving a ‘good working’ unit not much of the warranty period is left.

Please clarify regarding this matter.

Thank you for trying your best for the entire world! I am sure that it is difficult to be beat like a drum from every side!

Where are @dallas and @Matthew.Xu this week ? Why are you having to do their job for them . It seems to be putting you in a difficult position .

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