[Replied]5K+ Red Green White Dots Flickering on Screen

Just received my 5K+ headset (I’m kickstarter backer 61xx). The increased FOV is amazing only issue is that while using it I can see what I’m guessing to be the individual pixels flickering red, green and/or white. It is a lot more visible on a darker/black scene. The attached video is my attempt to capture the issue. You can see them faintly in the video but its a lot more prominent with the headset on.

It occurs in literally everything; steam vr home, all games I’ve tried so far, across the steam overlay while in-game, essentially anything that is darker is colour. I’m convinced it happens all the time but I can’t actually see it when the screen is so bright…

I’ve tried altering all settings I can think of in SteamVR and within PiTool, nothing has solved the issue. Leading me to conclude its the actual screen.

I’ll probably just raise a support ticket, but was wondering if anyone has any recommendations, thing to try?

I couldn’t figure out a way to upload the video directly so here it is: https://streamable.com/cx9ai

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Search the forum for “white dots”.

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The flickering white dots are typically caused by a bad cable. You can request a replacement from support.

Thanks for the responses! After searching the forums for “white dots”, the best result I found is this one: official statement from Pimax about faulty cables

@anon74848233 service desk is still unavailable (unable to login using a password I know is correct), is my only choice to wait till that’s operational again before I can create a support ticket for a new cable?

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