[Replied]5k+ Broken: it has developed an issue of displays turning off and LED turning Red

My Pimax 5k+ has started having an issue where the display shuts off when in game.

It’s not a full disconnect as Pitool still sees the device. In game the tracking still works. The LED turns Red however. I’m thinking it could be a bad cable but of course it could be the headset itself. I have attempted to downgrade the firmware and pitools, as well as a clean driver install. I have no problems on my machine otherwise.

Sometimes the screen will flicker and when it does there is some white sparkles that I’ve seen others talk about.

I would like to fill out a support ticket, but the website is not taking my login nor is it letting me sign up for a new account.

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I live in the States and the backer# is in the 200s.

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Have you tried seating the cable into the HMD. Ive heard that they seem tight but they need to be snug

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Yeah, I’ve taken it out a few times and have reseated it.

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:confused: Hope you get ti figured out

If you haven’t yet submit a support ticket via the banner link.

As @stixvr said check cable seating. But possibly maybe a sensor needs calibrated.

Maybe even horizontal calibration might work.

I can’t submit a support ticket as the main website isn’t letting me login with my account nor letting me do a signup. The password reset isn’t sending emails either.

I’ll have to search on sensor calibration. First I’ve heard of it as I assume you’re referring to something in the Pimax and not lighthouses. This is not a SteamVR issue, the display is turning off (Black) and the LED turning red. Tracking still works fine and can be observed on the desktop mirror just fine.

Can you login to the support/main site right now?


You might need to create a new support account.
I made possibly a new account to ensure address change.

Sensor calibration might need support to do a Teamviewer session.

Horizontal calibration is under Hmd in pitool might work but believe is to fix tilted horizon.

Signup link doesn’t appear to be working.

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Powersupply issue? When I disconnect power the screens go black and red LED shows up.

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What do you see in PiTool Help–>diagnostics ?

If you are having the same issue I kept having until I had a remote session with a Pimax technician, I bet it will say USB connected and DP disconnected, even though it physically is plugged in.

In the end it turned out to be some sort of fw issue for me that I’m crossing my fingers won’t come back.

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It shows that USB and DP are both connected and everything passes. In fact, I don’t see a difference on this screen between when the displays are lit (LED is green) and displays are off (LED is red).

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Good idea, embarrassingly enough I am an electrical engineer and should have thought of the power supply. I’ll be stopping to pick up a new universal today and see if that is the issue.


Was finally able to create a support account, they must’ve fixed the sign-up issue.

My support ticket is SUPEN-1692

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Hi Steve,

A bit off topic but how is Subnautica on the Pimax? Is it a better experience than rift/vive? I hope you get the Pimax issue fixed soon btw and keep us posted on your support progress!

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Hi, yeah I even made a thread here on that game specifically. I’m not in love with Subnautica on the Pimax above 200M in the game, otherwise it’s fantastic. The problem is that the skybox in the game has a shade problem (maybe parallax I’ve heard it described) where I am seeing silhouettes of creepvines, gasopods and such off in the distance that shouldn’t be rendered, or if rendered should be correct in both eyes. It’s for the most part a gamebreaker for me in the sense that I haven’t been to motivated to play it because of this issue. It’s likely something that could be fixed easy by the Subnautica devs, as they clearly did not test their game with a Pimax 8K series.

I’ve noticed a similar rendering issue in other games, but very very very minor in comparison. For example, in Elite Dangerous some of the shading is darker in one eye than the other.

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@Sean.Huang or @Doman.Chen might help you with the problem

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Hi, many thanks and apologies as I didn’t see your thread on this previously. That’s a shame its a bit of an issue which makes it unplayable. I will give it a go when my unit arrives and see if I can put up with it. :slight_smile: I’m not sure how likley it is that the Subnautica Devs would address the issue as their focus is probably on the release of the Below Zero standalone (which i understand doesn’t come with any VR support).

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  1. Try to check usb driver and update, I ever found this issue once.
  2. uncheck the power management tab of each usb in device manager

Thanks Bubbleball, tried both with no success.

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Still no update from Pimax on my support ticket.

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