Rendering latency in corner of right screen (RESOLVED)

I notice something strange when looking completely to the right and move my head.

I see the image being build, so objects appear from nowhere. I don’t have this when I completely look to the left and move my head.

So the left corner image seems to be ready all the time and the right corner image seems to be rendered after looking.

I have this on the last regular Pitool and on the lastest beta version of Pitool.
It occurs in normal and large FOV, I can’t see it on small FOV.

Have you all got this too? Suggestions?
(8k, GTX 1070, tried even the lowest settings, SS20% and rendering 0.5, parallel projections off and smarth smoothing on and off)

So objects popping in and out of existence (…but only…) to the right?

This is assumed to be a matter of for-some-reason incorrect view frustum culling (of out-of-view objects), on part of the game.


I see it in Steam VR home

Well, that’s a “game”… :7

I also see it in Angry Birds VR

I see them more with the last beta drivers, which version of the driver do you use?

Do you see the effect with Parallell Projections on?

I see them with the lastest Pitool (v1.0.0.109) and with the latest beta Pitool.
But I agree, I see them more with the latest beta Pitool.

I will try when I get home, to be continued :slight_smile:

I have been seeing it in SteamVR Home for quite some time. Since I am still on the old PiTool (v1.0.1.91) and firmware (v181), I do not think it is related to the PiTool or FW version. Apart from SteamVR Home I have not noticed it in any other app, so my conclusion was that it was a bug in SteamVR Home and its culling algorithm (since it does not happen in the left view).


I don’t see the effect with parallel projections on!


Then the bug is probably in how SteamVR Home calculates the FOV for the culling. My guess would be that it just adds the left FOV of the left eye and the right FOV of the right eye and does not include the rotation of the view (when parallel projection is off), so it is culling off the objects 10° earlier than it should.