Received Vive BS and Controllers

Hi there I just received a Vive Pack with the controllers and BS. How is the setup? Do I need to setup the Vive first or can I switch on the BS and Controllers and do the setup from pitool?

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You don’t need to plug the vive in just get the base stations synced up, you can do the room setup from the pitool, if you want a chaperone boundary you can do it again from within steam VR. You will probably have to sync the controllers to the HMD as well it’s a combination button press I forget at this moment.

anyway it may just all work :wink:

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Do these Basestations make sounds ? Like spinning something? I think even one BS is louder than the other?

Yes there’s a spinning motor inside, the noise generally varies a little from bs to bs long as it’s not super loud probably ok.