Received 5K+ Yesterday... The Good and The Bad

Backer #3881. Received my 5K+ via UPS yesterday.

The Good

  1. The shipping box was in good shape. Nothing unexpected in the boxing. Looked professional.
  2. Setup was a breeze, especially since I already had the .91 software installed from the Chicago Meetup.
  3. Updated to .95, no issues.
  4. PiTool and SteamVR immediately recognized the HMD and Base Stations. Paring controllers was seamless.
  5. As an Elite Dangerous player & 3rd party developer, ED was (of course) my first test. Used the “Make it Black” post’s settings and some additional tweaks (9900K & 2080 Ti). The picture was gorgeous. Except…

The Bad

  1. The ‘flashing’ white pixel static was immediately noticeable. Very distracting.
  2. Tried all the suggestions in the various posts… re-seated the HMD connector, changed DsiplayPort and USB ports. The static reduced slightly, but it’s still there.

There does not appear to be any one, particular panacea in the posts, although ‘bad cable’ seems to get the most ‘votes’.

From those experiencing the issue, was replacing the cable the clear winner?

I get that backers paid for the privilege of being early adopters and Guinea Pigs. After now getting significant hands-on, I can say unequivocally that it was worth the wait and hassle for the price point backers enjoy…

But, Pimax, I strongly urge you get this display static problem solved, and put to rest, ASAP! Consumers will not be as forgiving as backers as they will rightfully expect a finished, mature product.

That said, I’m overall happy with the HMD, as I expect that Pimax will resolve my static issue with the same vigor they have helped the others.

@anon74848233, I have generated SUPEN-1660 for you to address my issue.

I’m also interested in hearing from others on their more detailed experience in resolving the display static.



Luckily mine just cleared up after restarting. Have had 1 slight issue again but also cleared up after starting game. Wish they would have just gone with standard connections on the headset so we could easily troubleshoot this problem. I believe all headsets should come with one additional cable. We all will need one at some point. My opinion is that the original flat cable on the vive was the best. It allows you to take the turns out after each use. Round cables hide some turns and then eventually will break wires internally.

The cable has been #1 suspect, and yea some have had success re-seating in the HMD but you’ve tried that. Others got total success since they were replacements and had the original cable (obv not an option for you).

I’ve seen pimax have just sent the cable out to people so lets hope they can get one to you quickly??

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Do you happen to have a link for that “Make it Black” post? I haven’t found it through searching yet. ED is my primary VR destination!

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Thank you, mojojojo!