Received 5k+ today

3851 in Germany :de:
Got the PiMax 5k+ today - did a short test - looks good on first sight.
Unfortunately I dont have vive wands and base stations- so stationary for me which was a first hassle in SteamVR.

ProjectCars2 did a strange thing, left and right eye seem to be switched - need to check that. (Edit - as posted later on, I forgott to put the parallel projection on - thx for the tipp!)

VR home is ok and Skyrim looks great!

Will test this night some more when my 4 Monsters are in bed.

Thanks PiMax!

Review (1 ) - 21/01/19

Ok, lots of this has been said before – I will try to keep myself short. So, my first impression review (about 3 hours in the HMD over the weekend)

Apparel / Design

  • Looks great at first and second sight
  • Build quality is good, but not perfect e.g. seams of the two shells have areas where there could use a bit of “deburr” (no idea if that is the correct term for “entgraten”.)
  • Everything else looks good in my opinion
  • NO sign of cracks until now – but it does feel very light in material terms – hope its sturdy enough


  • Ist a nice and light HMD
  • The Basic strap is not bad, I guess the deluxe will add to that
  • Sits and fits good, but I do need to tweak around a bit so that it is comfortable because
    • for my face the face cushion is a bit slim – I get very close to the lenses, which is ok for me, but my nose gets pinched a bit if I move the IPD towards the 60mm (62.xmm).
    • finding the sweet spot takes a bit of figuring out for me due to a rather narrow IPD of something like 62-64mm. I need to also to vertical as horizontal adjustment (IPD) – and then if I got it, it looks very sharp – being of the sweet spot is just a bit more unsharp, not like the odyssey or visor I have had
  • Almost no light leak for me – only noticeable when HMD is off

Image Quality

  • Its good! I did hope for a bit more in terms of clarity on the horizon like in Project Cars and so a bit less SDE than it is (in game play you will lose the SDE, but if you try you can focus on it), but it’s a solid step forward to my odyssey and the larger FOV is immersive!
  • Black Levels are good for an LCD – sure you can see its more gray then black (taking an OLED as a base) and if you search in dark scenes you can detect back light plead – but in the normal amount for an “LCD” based display – my ASUS ROG WHQD is no better at that then the PiMax.
  • Colors look good in my opinion – Skyrim is great, Project Cars is great.


  • Takes a bit to get it set up for each game (parallel projection on, setting the resolution/ss and so on – but not that bad (sure thing is, profiles should be considered in the development roadmap on a app based scenario).
  • Turning on /off with the power button works fine for me – both for starting the HMD up as also for powering it off (I do disconnect power none the less)
  • Did search for the sweet spot and comfortable fitting on my face/nose a bit.
  • Not all games work out of the box – some tweaking needed here and there – but that is mostly game based (like I am not using room scale currently – which takes up some time on its own to recenter the HMD and stuff in each game – but it’s the games, not pimax)
  • I played Project Cars for 35 Minutes and had no drift of the HMD (Positioning). Yesterday I played 5 round of Nurburgring+Track (+25km per round) and did have to press recenter more then once per round – no idea why it was perfect one day and less the other (the other track was Porsche Test Track) – but its was not a huge deal – I guess its to be expected when not using lighthouse positioning. It does feel very responsive in terms of catching your movement.
  • Some Games I can’t get to work yet – but its more a configuration problem of the games (Like Subnautica without positioning and the controllers to use it, Dirt Rally to recenter via revive and such).
  • Installing the HMD and PiTool where easy and straight forward for me, setting up the basics also - so no real complication on the first “start up”
  • I do thing I have found one “white” pixel on my right eye – its only noticeable it the scene is full dark, and I go searching for it – but I will need to double check and see if it is not some other artefact – but rather sure its not. Not sure if I should initiate a ticket for that since everything else works up to now and I haven’t noticed it in games much to date – but not white pixel would have been better…

EDIT Added Review to this post / position to make it easier to find 21/01/19


Congrats! Title updated! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


That’s great news and congrats… I’m happy your unit appears to be working because that shipping box looks like it took a beating!!!


Indeed it looked beaten - also the PiMax Box shows that it had lots of vibrations on its way from China to Germany - the black was “scraped” due to that - it looks a bit more “grayisch” where it had friction with the outer box.

Wie lange hat der Versand von China gedauert?

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Good to see a backer number near mine recieving their unit! Hope all is good for you.


Just did a short test with DCS - looks good - framerate is not so great but that is a DCS Problem, GPU and CPU have like 40-50 % time to spare but DCS does not use it.

Subnautica I would like to try, but I cant get the Game Pad to get me through the menu.
Project Cars is in the car always off - no Idea what that is - I will try and see if sweviver said something about that.

Asseto Corsa Competizione did not start - I thing there was something about the FOV for that one.

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Gute Frage - DPD hat sich erst MIttwoch “gemeldet” das ein Päckchen in UK ankommen wird

Thanks so far so good - took some time to adjust to the hmd (find the sweet spot, get it to sit nicely and so on.) But it looks good in my opinion, better SDR then my Odyssee (1), Blacks are ok as long as you dont look for a pure black experience - OLED will always win that one.
But I am missing having the Controllers and Basestation already


I got the vive when it came out and have loved playing with it, not tried any other HMD so the 5k+ will be a huge step up. I’m glad it works with the existing stations and controllers. Enjoy!



DPD says mine will arrive on Wednesday. (also germany) #396x
I am so excited. I spent the whole day cleaning for more vr-space and trashing old furniture. :smiley:


The packet looks like the delivery man was Ace Ventura.


I guess the journey is not that easy to take :slight_smile:

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The Packaging is actually quite good and nice (the PiMax Box).
Its also not bad for storing it at home - better then the Odyssee or the Dell Visor where.

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Congrats MReis,
I will receive my 5K+ tomorrow (hopefully). Was supposed to arrive on Friday or yesterday, but I changed the date of delivery, because I wasn`t at home.
For tracking I ordered one base station (CaseKing delivered within one day), to be able to get the full feeling in IL2 BoX and DCS. I´m already a bit nervous, if the HMD will be without flaws and if the game play in DCS will be good enough to enjoy it without too much stuttering.
Have fun with your 5K+!:wink:


I myself needed to use the app VoiceAttack to help me to get Subnautica to work with a gaming controller. Issuing the voice command “center” to actually center myself in the game really saved me.


Thanks Guys!
I do have voice command but never set it up all the way.
With subnautica I also have the issue that the Menu and HUD in Game is projected to both eyes the same - very annoying- , the 3D of the game itself is fine. I guess I need to get into tweaking with steam, pitool and the games, not sure why that is. I need to check, there was a compatible games list from sweviver I think :thinking:

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Same for me, backer 2433 living in Germany (Hannover)… i received the tracking number on Wednesday saying the parcel will be delivered on monday or tuesday, finally on friday evening i changed the delivery adress to a DPD relay (instead of my personnal adress) and on Saturday morning i had the good surprise to see that the parcel was just delivered.
The box was fine for me, no visible signs of shocks.
Project Cars is running well (in most of the game i have to check in Pîtool « compatible with parallel projection » otherwise i see the same image on both eyes).
DCS is really fantastic, you have the feeling to be in the plane. I had to reduce the graphic settings a little bit but not so much (RTX 2080).
Colors are nice, resolution is’really good… if i compare with a Vive pro i tested in a game center, on the vive i was able to see the pixels, and here on my 5k+ i can’t see them.
I have no base station and no controllers, àd i would like to move inside the steam vr hom with a xbox or playstation controller, but i can’t…
If someone has a hint to be able to move with these controlers ?
Thank you


Hi @jpdeion,

thanks for the hint with the parallel projection - did not have time yet to fiddle with the settings - hope I can somehow get the family to keep themselves happy and busy for some time today ;-).

I get the XBox Controller show in SteamVR Home and can use it to teleport. II just started it and then it shows up as a controller in the steam VR “windows” (the small one). I cant remember wicht Button does the teleport - I just tried them all, but it worked.
Stupid think is, that it tried too do a setup and set my hight to zero - so I am in “snail” mode in terms of hight.

I know I should be happy having my 5k+ at home, and I am!!! :smile:
But I still hope that the lighthouse 2 and controllers well be ready some time soon - I would rather add on to the new tec (like a set of Joystick and a set of touch controllers) then invest in the old vive tec. And I really like the desing and tec approach PiMax is showing off on there website for their stuff.

I also found DCS quite good! Very immersive! I went all in and got myself a 2080TI (lord forgive me :wink: ) but still performace is not as could in DCS - but its the engine fault - I had hoped they would fine tune that a bit more - GPU und CPU are playing cards while rendering DCS and still have time to get a beer instead of pushing the FPS to 90.
What settings are you using?

Edit: Steam with the XBOX and PiMax


Happens even to the best of us :).

Just wondering if your position with 3dof tracking drifts over time? My 4k had that issue and required frequent recalibration.