Received 5K+ replacement with new package

I am really surprised that they sent me a replcement unit ‘BEFORE’ they receive my packge. Really.

New package is now smaller, much rigid, and looks much better than old one.
Also it smells better I think :smile:

However they forgot the cable huh.


Sorry for my late response.

I’m glad you received it, your shipment was arranged by me before the National Day.

Please rest assured that your cable will be sent to you this week. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


I’m not sure this is a new package, I recieved mine in April 2019

Actually I can not sure if mine is really a new package.
Since I can not fully remember the old package, I just judged it by squashed foam for the cable and smell of it. :rofl:

Looks pretty much the same but a better smell is nice. But I thought the smell came from the headset plastic, not the box.

Also, PImax, you should create two instruction leaflets. A Chinese one and an English one. And have the English one checked by a native English speaker whom you now also employ.
Trust me when I say it makes a world of difference when your English is correct or not.

Hmm my guess was that smell came from box to HMD, then to my nose.
Anyway I can almost smell nothing when using my new 5K+ compared to old one. It was pretty gross.

They did change the plastics, so…

Seems like the new face foam did the job huh.

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Excellent work, Watson

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Honestly I like the taste of the foam :slight_smile:


Actually it may be a new packaging - checked my box and the smell is still very strong…it looks like the foam in your box doesn’t have this velour cover that (the glue - I guess) is still giving the smell in my box

Let’s consider that both the box and face foam affect smell :grinning:

@eileiksis LOL WUT?

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