Receive my Mystery box , here is what i thought

First of all.I got a Piamx 5k super this time, and I also bought the last black-Friday box, got base station 2.0

Don’t wanna trash about Pimax but, the last black-Friday sure are not very satisfied

and there are The Christmas Mystery out, minus the 8kx off the $99, add a $499 box forget a random headset, the math just simple:

8kx with kdms $1125 from $499 box save $626

5ks with smas $679 from $499 box save $180

8kp with dmas $806 form $499 box save $307

5kp with smas $559 from $499 box save $60

but I think everyone who knows Pimax definitely just wanna 8kx and 5ks, I got a base station last time so I think the rules themselves might be legit, even still feels like gambling but who wouldn’t like a surprise on Christmas!


I saw the post on Reddit so I knew it in advance, ordered the Headset box on the launch day.

By the way, like they finally beautify their website, the pic doesn’t look 3 years old design,and they are snow effect, guess they made money on the black-Friday sale

Anyway because of the Black-Friday experience, i thought like usual they gonna take like a day or two to process my order, I have to send one or two E-mail then the shipping will begin. but surprised me only took about an hour, my order just went through, and the next day the E-mail coming said my order is shipping now. OK, so far feels like a normal Company should be done like Always, and today the door bell rang and volla here they are.


I guess i only represent myself about this whole shopping experience, but this time did warm up about Pimax, i forgot to mention I ask their customer service about Mystery box trade-in and Sword-Controller, not happy with the outcome but the customer service it’s very patient.

I did feel disappointed about the company operation, but glad they are trying to improve

so if anyone will try Pimax, I think the mystery box is a good price to go for

here is the link: I think they are limited so Don’t be late

And Merry Christmas!!


a 5k super and bs 2.0, you saved money you did pretty well. Merry xmas to u too!


It’s definetly gambling, then again most of us backed their kickstarter so …

Personally though even though the deals above seem high , I wouldn’t gamble on it. I usually buy things because I know exactly what I want. I would feel weird spending $500 to most likely get something that is most likely NOT going to be what I want.

The only way I’d do this is if I really wanted an Artisan and thats all I could afford. Then whatever they send me would be a bonus.

So I guess if you are expecting the least you can’t be disappointed.

Put that on the next Pimax T-shirt.


Out of curiosity:

  1. Any KS backers receive their Sword controllers yet?
  2. Any Black Friday Mystery Box lottery players receive Sword Controllers?

See: PIMAX Mystery Boxes - now CES - vs. Kickstarter backers waiting for controllers

If I am reading this right. some have received a box with just 1 BS in it? If so I find that quite interesting since Pimax isn’t allowed to sell just 1 base station iirc. This would leave people looking for a source to buy a 2nd BS unless they believed the crap in the KS about 1 BS being able to do 360 tracking.

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Pimax still hasn’t sent me my basestations for 4 years. Good to see that they have extras to randomly give away.

FWIW, I’m only using a single base station and the tracking is generally pretty good, as far as the headset is concerned (even when I’m facing away from the BS). Granted, it can’t see the controllers, if they are blocked by my body.

The tracking is fine. Just misrepresented. I have a single V2 BS and while it has a little larger coverage than a single V1 there is no way it is any way near capable of 360 and the claim made during the KS was BS (the other kind of BS).

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