Random image on headset

My headset shows just a color random image.
What is going on?

Can you post a pic please?

A static random image appears on the headset.
The sound works well.


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It looks like one of those magic 3d images you have to cross your eyes to see.:flushed::eyes:

Okay you mean static literally.

Iā€™d reccommend submitting a support ticket.

Can you post your system specs
Windows Ver
Gpu/driver version
Pitool/piplay version

Presume this is the p4k? What color is the hmd led?

If using pitool click on help & click on diagnose & post pic please.

@Enopho will likely have some good input on this as well.


The sound works fine.
On the headset only appears one static random image (two different images).
The led on the headset is blue.
Looks like the headset is not receiving any image.