Quick question about requirements

Looking to buy the Pimax 5k XR.

I currently have an oculus rift and a Gtx 1080. Do I need to purchase something from vive to get the this going? I just want to get flavor of the quality using some 360 degree videos and will not be using it for games right away. Can I do that without the vive stuff?

the rift motion sensors wont work with the Pimax 5k XR. to use full room tracking you can use either a xbox kinetic and or purchase vive base stations and controllers. furthermore you can purchase the new base station 2.0 and valve index controllers that are ready for preorder now on steam or put a deposit in for the pimax controllers and base stations that are yet to have a release date. i personally use a gtx 1080 for the 5k plus and it works perfectly fine with most games. you can use just the HMD for 360 videos without the need for base stations but will be restricted to seated applications. good day!

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You can buy an Xbox controller and play many games plus make navigation in the VR menus much easier.

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Thank you. But do I absolutely need that just to start viewing 360 videos. I will get the vive controller and lighthouse later. Will the pimax be functional without them.

by vive controller you mean the vive wands correct? if so then they wont work without base stations to track there position. most 360 video apps support mouse and keyboard or a xbox controller. other then that you need both base stations and vive wands to work

I am sorry. I think I am adding to the confusion. Let me ask the question a different way. Without anything from vive will I be able to watch 360 videos on pimax - just out of the box?

You wont need the Vive controllers or Vive base stations to watch the videos. It really depends on the website or VR player that you use as to whether you can view the videos with just a keyboard but I think most will allow you to just use the keyboard. So the answer to your question would be yes for most VR players or Websites that host 360 videos.