Quick note about wall mounts

It seems prudent to me that the Pimax wall mounts should have the same screw spacing as the current Vive wall attachment points. This way people can easily change between the two without putting more holes in their walls. A small point, but maybe an important one.


As the Basestations themselves have standard 1/4" threads, Vive owners wouldn’t need to change the wall mounts at all.

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As long as Valve’s v2.0 reference design uses basic shell compatability to v1.0 design. Then mounting the v2.0 should work fine with v1.0 mounting system & mounting accessories.

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Vive and Pimax use the 1/4" standard for photo/video and lightsource mountings/pods.

You can check any tripod/arm for the regular camera and it will be compatible with both lighthouses.

A good option is to add (not by Pimax, but by yourself) two hot shoe adapters to station and mounting. It will be even more convenient.

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Right, I was more talking about where the screws go into the wall. If there’s difference in how they attach to the wall itself that could be a pain. I guess they’re using a reference design so it will be whatever Valve decides.