Quick impressions of Pimax 5K+

Previous VR systems: Vive and Vive Pro (sold the latter quickly)

System specs: 2080Ti Ultra Gaming oc’d to 2100MHz on core, 8700K at 5.0GHz, 16GB DDR4, Pimax 5K+

Just some quick observations

The great:

  • Super lightweight
  • Easy to setup in PiTool
  • Once I learned the approach, easy to adjust PiTool quality and then SteamVR SS
  • FOV is madness… I tried my Vive OG again and immediately took it off. How I played 500 hours in ED with binoculars I dont know
  • Feels comfortable to wear. Had a 3 hour Raw Data session just now. Face feels fine

Know about:

  • fpsVR is a must. You do need to get your FPS as close to 90 in a game’s real setting by going back and forth with PT quality and SVR SS
  • I run Large FOV with PT 1.5 and adjust SVR SS accordingly. Massive diff compared to Vive
  • With 90 PT, I have my Vive linkbox plugged in. It helps avoid USB disconnects, lost tracking, base station drops etc
  • I have extended my cables using Displayport, USB and power 10ft cables. can provide links. No input lag at all
  • I also use Bose QC 35s for sound. Bit laggy but that’s the headphones. I have to because my normal headphones are not wireless

The weird/bad/get used to

  • Black levels in games like ED or Sairento are not ideal
  • At first my Pimax wouldn’t come on. I had to wiggle the ‘end’ connector that attaches to the far left of the headset and then it came on. Wee push/wiggle
  • IPD adjustment feels weird and can actually adjust when moving quickly. The manual scroll wheel sometimes has a deadzone?
  • Also IPD needs some adjusting. I felt crosseyed at first (only slightly and not linked to that weird PT setting). I brought lenses closer to my eyes and adjusted down a tad from Vive setting (64 to 62) and it seems better
  • Can hit your Pimax in some games like bow and arrow games (gulp moment)

Games tried and verdict

  • Elite Dangerous - **** me this is amazing with this FOV and pixel count. I can now tell a Vulture apart from an Eagle (two smaller ships) without looking at the targetting screen
  • Sairento - madness FOV again and game looks crisp. Text even on the menus is better. I suck at the game though (fat)
  • Raw Data - so much fun. FOV helps. But more the clarity
  • Lone Echo - if you’ve played this game on Vive/Oculus, I recommend start it again with the Pimax. It’s breathtaking to see the station windows roll up. Bit weird on SS front. Took me a while to get the far SS right
  • Robo Recall - funny as hell. Controllers are still buggy with Vive wands. But the fidelity and detail now at distance has me getting mad headshots
  • GORN - super easy to run at Large FOV and easier to get multikills



Thanks for the impressions!

And its great to see another positive impression.

Only real downside to the display seems to be the black levels. But looks like the other advantages make up for it again.

Also, one of the first people I’ve seen who is actually playing in Large FOV. I guess the 2080Ti and 8700K at 5.0GHz helps.


Yeah the 2080Ti is a must. Still not perfect though. Next gen cards needed. 1080Ti can run it. All depends on settings


Awesome! Thanks for the post and yes, please post links to your extension cables!

Extension cables

Open in new tabs. Confirmed working with no lag / disconnects





Nice system, too. That’s about how I plan to run Elite, so it’s great to see the extra horsepower pays off. Thanks

I have also encountered the connector getting loose from the headset. I think Pimax should notify this possibility in the manual. Once firmly inserted, it’s never off again.

I am considering switching to the large FOV as I have also acquired a 2080Ti, and a 9900K.


Please provide links for all 3 extention cables, thx.

update: nvm, found next post. Thx!

Scroll up a few comments… :wink:


hello thx for your impressions,

do i need the power chord extension?
or can i get only the usb and displayport extension?

how would you rate the overall VR experience of all 3 headsets.

Vive OG 4/10
Vive Pro 5/10
Pimax 5K+ 8/10
Theoritical perfect HMD 10/10

be sure to scale it back to the perfect HMD as I would like to know how close we are to it.

Theoretical with today’s technology or theoretical as in the best HMD that could ever be invented in our lifetime? Because all headsets I’ve tried would be down in the fractions if you’re saying best HMD that could ever be invented.

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in our lifetime, Perfect resolution/FOV/Picture Quality, wireless not being a factor.

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A 10/10 in the making - Neuralink - Wikipedia

If it eventually works, it makes all HMDs 0/10


Well then, of the headsets I own and for the overall experience, not just the quality of the screens, but also the software, ease of use, ergonomics:

HP MR: .5
Lenovo MR: .6
Vive: .7
Samsung Odyssey: .8
Oculus Rift: .9
PSVR: .9
Pimax 8K: .95
Pimax 5K+: 1

Theoretical perfect HMD 10/10


Lots of replies

  • The 8700K overclocked helps
  • My GPU usage hits 80% only for some reason. Will try turning gsync off
  • I’d say 8/10 for me due to black levels
  • Will try Dr Kaii’s tool. Used it before.
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Pimax keeps saying we will get backlight control and color intensity control in PiTool. Let’s hope it’s not too long before we see that implemented. It would go a long way towards closing the gap between the CLPL and OLEDs.


Yeah it’d be great to get light control. There is a clear bleed across the entire screen(s)
But I am getting used to it

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Hi, you have a lenovo explorer? pimax 5k+ its better in sweet spot? how much better the 5k+ is compared to lenovo?

Yes the 5k’s sweet spot is much bigger than the lenovo’s. The 5k+ has similar colors and blacks as the lenovo but better resolution, sde, and of course much better fov.