Question about the Eye tracking module and the lenses

Hello everyone. I seem to recall a bit of information Kevin and Sweviver told us in a previous video talking about the 8K-X and the Eye Tracking Module. It wasn’t in the latest video, it was during the video presentation that was shown a few months back.

My memory may be hazy, but I think they said something along the lines of how those of us who wear glasses and own the Eye Tracking Module will have the option to remove the lenses from the module, and replace them with our own custom prescription lenses.

Can anyone please confirm if this is true? If so, will it be as easy simply taking the Eye Tracking Module to an Optometrist and getting them fitted with the new lenses? Please let me know.

I remember that.

But I know only that when someone try to make the lenses for prescription lenses, shop told him that it is too big and can’t make the lenses for it.

Watch the Q&A at this time (about 43:46)

It sounds like yes, the eye tracker can take prescription lenses.

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Given it looks to me like the tracking cameras are facing away from the user, I am wondering if those panes are not part of the optical system, with the cameras not looking at your eyes directly, but at their reflections in the panes.

If that is the case, I suppose any correction lenses would have to be in addition to the panes, rather than replacing them.

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Thanks guys. Great catch glassy99!

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