Question about Survey!

Hi there,

Pledged the 5K+ and the 8K,
but in the survey, if i mark both, it say`s: This question requires an answer!

HELP!!! :smiley:

Maybe they sent you an email for each headset you backed .

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If so…wtf?
The Survey do not marked if its for the 5k+ or the 8K!


Yes you should probably contact support .

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Aren`t we here in the “Support” section?

Send support desk your backer info & choice.

You are in the community support area, not official pimax support. Use @Heliosurge link above to ask them about it.


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Hi all gents!
Whats this type of survey?
I got one asking for my adress and choice but not like this with ticles.


The link goes nowhere!

Wrong link. It’s:

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Here is an email link.

Ok, thank you all!
Got an email from Pimax and do the survey over it!

Again, thank you all. <3