Question about controllers and lighthouse


I havn’t followed pimax for a long time. Recently got an email about upgrade plans. But I’m not going to spend more money.

Are we still getting the kickstarter Lighthouse + controllers anytime soon? Waiting for that for so long.


Lighthouses soon, maybe.
Controllers mid next year, maybe.


Lighthouses maybe.
Controllers maybe not.

I heard controllers can be delivered if you select to upgrade to Valve Index controllers.

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so basically, if you backed LH+controllers, you need to purchase at least one plan (F) to get it ?
or just waiting is ok to receive LH and some controller (any that came first).
Or in other words, do you need to spend an additional 178$ to get what you backed for ?
and what about the coupons ? can we pay this plan F with coupon ?
Pimax should answer this question.
If i am obliged to spend money, i could as well choose plan C option 1 to upgrade to 8k +controllers+LH

Pimax lighthouses were available a month or so ago but it’s better if they are shipped with controllers to save money. Sword controllers “should” be ready by March but sword sense are a long ways away. If you wait, you will get what you paid for. Plan F is merely a faster, more guaranteed option

so i will take plan C option 1 for 849$ (upgrade to 8kX , i backed 8k but switched to 5k+) , but the plan says you keep your bundle Lh+controllers, but does not say if you are upgraded to Valve controllers or if you will be delayed until sword is ready.
For Lh+Controllers , i can wait since i already got a Valve 1.0 bundle.
So if a take plan F, i would just receive an additional set of LH+controllers that would be not really usefull to me. Adding a 8kX would allow me to have 2 full setup for cheap.
but if the plan C is just delayed because it is awaiting on the sword controller, and i finally have to add plan F to plan C tto finally get the full set , it is back to square.
All this is really unclear