Purchased plan F but after payment changed to hand tracking module

Could a pimax rep please get back to me on this issue.

Ive sent @PimaxUSA @SweViver and @Matthew.Xu a private msg but none have gotten back to me.

I want to make sure that the money goes to plan F aka controllers and base stations right away and assure that i am getting them not the hand tracking module.

support ticket number #19,463

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@OblibionHase Hopefully you’ll hear back within the next 24 hours. They should all be returning from the weekend and traveling now.

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hopefully! it was completely the plan F package the whole way till i paid and it switched over to hand tracking module, must be something wrong with the store!

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Hi, I am not sure what you mean. I don’t understand what you mean. If you upgrade to plan f, you will definitely get plan f products. This has nothing to do with the hand tracking. Thank you.

It was an issue in store. It allowed me to purchase plan F but however switched to hand tracking. Waiting on a refund now.

Furthermore, the plan F shipping is $120 aud which is extereme for such a light product. Will this be changed in the future or is that set?

This problem has been fixed. The upgraded backer does not need to pay extra shipping. Thank you.


thank you so much! does this mean we can expect the plan to be purchasable by the end of this week?

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I already paid for Plan F i had to pay the 60$ for shipping. Are you telling me that I wasnt supposed to since im a backer?
Also I just saw the update that backers are supposed to use the new backer url they posted. What if i already ordered? Do I have to cancel and go reorder (when its back in stock)?

This is such a mess

Talk to oblibion, he placed an order a couple days ago and is supposedly getting a refund. His order included the extra shipping cost, that’s why he is getting refunded and will place another order when the shipping cost is removed

He did a return because he ordered plan F but got the hand tracking unit. I ordered Plan F and it still says plan F.

Im pretty sure you will have to go to help desk. Youll get your $60 refunded or put into a voucher whatever you prefer, i dont think youll need to rebuy it but for absolute conformation @Matthew.Xu will be able to answer this tomorrow when he is back at work. Hope this process goes well!

Plan F may available at the store next week.

How did you get a refund. Ive havent heard anythign back from pimax in 3 days but I placed an order for Plan F and got charged shipping. The backer url doesnt charge shipping so Im trying to cancel my order and place one via the backer url. It would be nice if theyd just refund my shipping fee but I have yet to hear anything from them

They said ill get a refund through support. 5 days later and no refund.


Any change on the refund. I have had some feedback from them recently and Im really confused on whats going on. The last I got was “we are helping you apply for refund of freight, so we need to cancel this order and create a new order without freight.” My order was canceled but I dont see a new order or a refund yet.

I just want the controllers and base stations already :frowning:

Then you shouldn’t have purchased them through Pimax.

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