Public Service Announcement Pimax products available on

just noticed some pimax stock was available on I can finally pick up some silicone sleeves except…

why the hell is it so expensive? wtf?


@Ludiks I watched your review of the silicone cover. Would you say the gray is the same as the Quest 2? or is it closer to white or darker?. I cant really tell from your video.

Do you mind posting a high quality picture of how it looks on the new blue housing?

Also is there any truth to this one review on Amazon?


No, not at all, Q2 is ivory and silicone sleeve is really grey.
I shall take a picture and show the difference later.
But about the blue housing I can’t show it since I don’t have any blue housing headsets, my 8k+ is an early model with black housing.
I have a black and two grey sleeves for sale if you want ^^ but from E.U.

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Yeah it seems $28 :canada: more than simple exchange.

cheaper than Pimax? lol

I thought that somehow ordering it off Amazon would be cheaper.

$60 :canada: bucks and I can have it by Tuesday. It may not be a bad deal considering that even though the cost is $35 :canada: from the Pimax store, ill probably be dinged $30 bucks in VAT.

What do you think?

Of course if I want black it seems I have no choice because that scalper is selling the black for $103 !

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That’s just crazy. I have seen backer boxes for $90 to $100 as low prices.

Black in general looks better than the Star Wars Grey.

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The silicon sleeve (albeit in “Star Wars Grey”), was declared $4.73 on my import declaration for the backer box. I could imagine an acceptable retail price for this around 20 USD.


2 different sellers. The official pimax is the $59 ca

$27.50 :us: to canadian is 34.76 so yeah $24 dollar increase in price seems a bit high. What is shipping cost from pimaxvr main site?

Yeah , when I asked @PimaxUSA when they were going to stock sleeves on amazon I was expecting at least similar prices to what they had on their store.

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With shipping it would be 34$ I think.
20€ + 8€ shipping (I sent a cam oversea a few days ago for 8€ shipping and I assume it would be the same according the weight)
Or you can get one here :


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