PSA: Try USB 2.0 if you're having Issues (5K+)

So after a week struggling with tracking disconnects black screen and random crashing issues, having tried all the releases (including the dreaded 1.12)

I had the brainwave to try it on USB 2.0… And its now PERFECT after 2 days of trouble free smooth VR, I’ve come to the conclusion MB USB 3.0’s are terrible I was about to RMA it as faulty,

also I have the cracking issue too on all four edges but I’ll hang on for a bit and wait for a fix as I suspect a replacement will crack too (my 5k+ did in 3 weeks),

But Its SO nice to having a working Pimax now that FOV is hard to give up :slight_smile:


Awesome. Are you a backer or pre order?

Backer I’m also expecting the 5K XR (upgraded from 8k pledge) too at some point soon

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