PSA: SOxxxx orders appearing in my KS account

While (unsuccessfully) trying to purchase my “free” eye tracking all morning, I noticed that in addition to the KS_2xxx Kickstarter order (including USD 47 shipping I paid in 2017) I now have two more orders SO3xxx both of which date to 8/8/2019 , both of which are “Waiting Payment” for USD 50 each.

I have never seen these before, and have no idea what these are in reference to. The invoices do not say. From the dates they could be related to the Pimax 5K+ loaner I was promised repeatedly from March 2019 through October 14, 2019, but these were never mentioned, and until today did not show in my account.

More support tickets.

Might want to check your accounts in case this isn’t another special event.


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