PSA: Check your lens frames if you see discrepancy between eyes

In short, my right eye image felt different to the left. Somehow the overall image was off when I did the blink test between the two eyes, especially in the stereo overlap area.

I did some lens checking and found a really interesting thing:

After popping the frame in (used the included lens wiper as a protective layer), the frame looked a lot more similar and the images finally looked the same in both eyes:

The photos are not angled the best, but hopefully you can see the difference regardless.

TLDR: check lens frames for any dissimilarities, pop the protruding one right back in.


Thank you, the difference is obvious with the help of your commented pictures.

That’s either really poor QC from pimax or the design of the box for shipping doesn’t protect enough.

Do you mean the face foam? Or the actual lens is sticking out more?

Thanks to you,
I had the same issue and now my 5K+ is fixed


It’s the frame holding the lens in place.

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@anon74848233 please tell your engineers about this issue.