PSA: 40-ish shipped so far!

Just to keep things easy for people to keep track.


I suppose none of them ordered both 5K+ and 8K.

Was Robin really talking about Christmas 2018?

Looks more like mess production, what is it, one headset a day?


what are you even on about?


30 shipped just now. So 44 has been shipped in total. See that comment where it was said and it states:

The logistics partner will give us the tracking number tomorrow and we will notify the 30 backers via email. Please be advised.

So an additional 30 backers will be notified.


I’m hoping I’m in that 30 since I’m backer 24 and I ordered some 5k and 8k

I was responding to sofian

Once you try them both please share your impressions.

I don’t think it’s 40. They said latest news was that 30 have been shipped.

There should be a total of 44 headsets, which can be deduced from the new list of recipient destinations.
This was at least my lifeline with this concern and it should be cleared up soon. :wink:

How many Kickstarter headsets are there ? I thought I read somewhere the number was actually around 8000 because some backers backed multiple units.

According to Kickstarter, there are 5,946 backers, 283 who’ve just pledged a small amount ($5). Yes, some have bought more than one headset (typically 2 or 3 let’s assume this is an extra 500), but there were also those who bought 5 (10 backers) and 10 (15 backers). That’s roughly 6343 headsets, but I’ve heard estimates up to 7000.


It wouldn’t matter what production is concerned. They just need to rev up and create as much as they can, get everything to the backers and stock up all the rest as they go, for their business clients and retail


Scaling up production will allow them to refine techniques, solve inevitable issues in production and make sure the logistics chain operates without incident. Once PIMAX is confident they will ramp it up fast, they know as well as we do that this is a race against the clock to earn their market share whilst they can.


I hope so because I’m #44, no email yet though…

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Since it’s already past 8 pm in China, actually the tracking number should have already arrived.
If more than 40 headsets have been shipped. I’m #41 and haven’t received any notification either.

Yesterday there was an update at 22:45 Chinese time. Let’s hope the best…

They weren’t sure they would receive the tracking numbers at all today.

Woohoo, just got my tracking #!


Same here :slight_smile:

I hope it will arrive soon, and without any extra Tax :grin:


Tracking number received! :relaxed: