PS5 PSVR leaked info

It is very preliminary info and probably will change but I found this article on the new PSVR for the PS5. 2560 X 1440 res, 120 hz, 220 FOV, wireless.

I started my VR experiences with the PSVR and have been a user of playstation since PS1. I can say that the VR experience in the PS4 PSVR was pretty damn good, 120hz, RGB OLED(low res at 1080P) but looked a lot better than one would expect for such a low res screen. Will I buy the PSVR for PS5, Ill probably have to demo it in Best Buy or something but it would be worth checking out. Well I wont hold my breath regarding the specs since this is so early but I thought I would share for the PSVR fans…


Nice on the paper specs, but I will never, ever, wear a wireless VR headset that is going to use the current Wi-Fi radio-wave standards, or worst of all the completely deadly 5G specs that are increasingly warned to be health killers and have been proved in multiple tests to interfere with human brainwaves.

Unless an important change happens in wireless data transfer technology (hopefully using the same 100% harmless radio waves Nikola Tesla was experimenting with, almost 100 years ago now, that stop at skin level) I will say bye-bye to using VR if it goes full wireless with that shEet of offending radio tech, aimed specifically at damaging human beings (plus interfering with our thinking patterns).


I agree, the government use wifi for brain control :wink:



yes but this coukd also be a neccessary step to getting us to the NerveGear.

Im NOT wearing a helmet in my house,LOL

This is just made up figures, 220 FoV with such resolution gives 11.6 PPD, a Vive has 19,6 PPD, PSVR has 19,2 PPD so that nearly half the PPD.

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WiFi does interfere with calcium channels on the surface of the skin, and this in turn creates serious health problems in the long run. For anyone dismissing the dangerousness of EMF, here are some studies on it:

Microwave frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression - ScienceDirect

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Thanks for the info mate, I know all the various and most recent studies on the matter, but people there are not coscentious enough, they prefer to ignore the problem and keep living in the “balocchi’s funland” like in the famous Pinocchio novel for childrens…until it will be too late to realize what was happened to their mind.

That is exactly what is happening to most of the young people today, and even not the so young, any information that is disturbing to their brainwashed, asleep life is just ignored, and now even banned here, like on Facebook…as you can see what they did to my post, and probably yours will follow the same fate, like mine :slight_smile:

Your post was flagged offtopic because it’s off topic :wink:
If you want to create a topic about supposed bad effects of Wifi or microwave frequencies I’m sure your posts won’t be hidden.


No it is not…since PSVR2 is expected to have wireless transmission, it is PERFECTLY related…

People have the right to be informed about what they are going to be exposed to, using any entertainment device.

Unless something disturbs some individuals here, and they prefer to hide the reality…or intentionally keeping people unaware…something that is starting to happen at alarming levels on the net nowdays…

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It’s more that everybody already knows that there are potential risks with wireless devices. I’m pretty sure that you have a smartphone and use Wifi, there are risks with those too.

There is no conspiration against you, just that nobody’s interested to debate about it on this topic.

I’m personally not interested by wireless VR, I prefer higher quality offered by wired devices.

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Lillo, I’m full of you.
The 5G technology is a weapon of war and I am very much worried that a lot of zombie’s will be racing around the world 20 years after World Completion.
To all truth moderators: You can erase everything but you will feel it yourself.


evolution will sort it out, it always does. I imagine this same conversation around drinking milk a few centuries ago. There are still entire races of people today who lack the evolutionary stuff to digest it, because they weren’t exposed to it in their diets. Now they are the ones at a disadvantage.

Think about it, whats more likely we evolve to handle it or the whole world starts running around in tinfoil hats.

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Evolution or extinction ?.. There’s never evolution when a species takes important decisions upon decisions lightly and whitout being aware of the consequences, staying in ignorance and refusing to see evidence because it may seem uncomfortable at first.