Proper uninstaller

Why is there no proper uninstaller for the PiPlay package? It installs a great number of files and packages. Yet none of them come with Uninstallers?

I am having an instability with some other software on my system. I chose to uninstall PiPlay via the control panel, but this did NOT uninstall the whole package. Now my USB keyboard will not restore connection if I switch away via my KVM and then back.

With the complexity of the packages that are installed with/by PiPlay, there should be a full UnInstaller. If I need to remove ALL files PiPlay installed, this is currently impossible.

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Try thing like “IObit uninstall” that might pull out all regarding information from system registry. That’s what we can help yourself right now!

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Tried it, it didn’t seem to notice that some of the stuff Pimax had installed was related to it. So that doesn’t help at all.

Pimax still needs a proper uninstaller.

Has there been any movement on this? As the prior install would screw up several of my other OpenGL based software, I had to completely wipe the drive and reinstall completely to get functionality back.

Does the Pimax software installer now have an uninstaller that removes ALL the changes/files?

And I’m still wondering just what it installed that completely destroyed OpenGL in DAZ Studio…