Project cars 1, oculus

Anyone played project cars 1 with 4K? It has a lag when you turn your head. Project cars 2 plays fine and other games but not project car1. What would be the problem? Also anyone figured how to play Dirt Rally with 4K. It only shows in Theater mode no Vr

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I think @industria @jonnypanic has used project cars 1. For Dirt Rally think you need Revive? Have it but haven’y worked on it.

What specs do you have?
With Project Cars I noticed a big boost going from 8gb to 16gb ram. But that is probably cos I use a 1060 3gb. The game for me is playable but I think the VR implementation is just flawed.

For Dirt Rally yeah you need Oculus Software, and to patch it with Revive. It’s amazing.

Disable Theatre mode for Dirt Rally.

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I only get lag on pc1 I am fine with pc2. I got gtx 970 and 8gb but as I said rest of the games are ok. I thought it’s maybe because of the Pimax headset. I also use simtolls 3dof rig

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I suspect it’s the same problem I had then. With the 1060 3gb, the system ram usage is higher than other gfx cards, because of the low onboard memory. 970 only has 0.5 gb more ram than the 1060 3gb.

I can’t be certain but I think getting more ram will improve it a lot (and boost some other games). 16gb is becoming the recommended amount in general now anyway.

I tried PC with two hmds before I upgraded, Pimax and Dell, and both had bad performance.

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