Production and delivery

Hello, Mr and Mms pimax.

Could you tell us how many unity you will produce by month now ? and how many you will send ?

it’s always 90% of backers will have there pimax before christmas ?

i m 4536, could i have my pimax before christmas ?

Best regards.


Yes @anon23564932 @PimaxVR keep us informed

Edit. You see, backers are very special breed of human; they first chew and ingest and digest the information.
After about five days they will discharge the information from their bowels.
But it’s not the same information anymore, it’s contaminated with harmful ingredients like gossips , guessing, opinions, attacks on others opinions.
Thats why it’s necessary to keep the fresh information supply steady, so the backers won’t have to recycle the already once or twice digested information. At that point, it’s already poop.


ok , then possible to produce 5000-6000 headset for christmas. Good news.