Problems of customer service and Pimax’s counter-measures

Dear customers,

We apologize for any inconvenience caused due to the inefficient and improper customer service recently. We are sorry that we have underestimated the workload of customer support while the team has been focused on product development and mass production. Here is the general picture of what a start-up like Pimax is experiencing internally and what we are doing now to improve the current situation.

Explosive growth of tickets

  • We have loads of enquiries from support & preorder email, forum, facebook, twitter, reddit and SUP system. While the production yield grows from tens to hundreds and units shipped out grow from dozens a week to hundreds a day, the customer enquiry also grows three times since last November. We did not expect such explosive growth of tickets from various channels and with inadequate qualified manpower, so we have not coped with it well.

Lack of effective working tool

  • We do not have an effective working tool to tackle with such explosive growth of tickets. We have not set up a system for all departments to create effective work flow or synchronize each other’s updates. And instead, they still manage all the data manually, which might be updated more than 3 times a day. The rapid updates of huge amounts of data result in the effect of Information Island. For example, when I received a file from colleagues taking charge of preorder enquiries, it’s incorrect since they did not know the latest updates. All the Pimax departments are nearly isolated when we have plenty of requests to be properly answered.

What Pimax team is doing to improve the situation

  • We have increased our customer service team by 6 people since mid March, and most of them are very experienced.

  • Our tech team has modified the SUP system and resolved the problems eg. password reset, registration issues. Although there are still problems, it has been greatly improved.

  • Organize reviewsup status. Now our after-sales technical support team is able to reply to all tickets received by the day. And we will add an online tool to the official website for preorder customers to check the logistics status.

  • We plan to launch some fast and efficient management tools as soon as possible. Our R&D team is building up a ticket system, RMA system, after-sales maintenance system and CRM system based on ODOO. These are expected to be launched in May.

Thanks for your support and suggestions.


Thank you Mr Hao always great to read positive change to support the customer demands.



That’s good news Dallas.

Are you able to give an ETA on all outstanding tickets being responded to?

I’m just wondering with these new staff and the obvious ramp up and focus on tickets will ALL outstanding tickets be answered in 1 week? 2 weeks? Month etc? Don’t forget the inevitable new tickets coming in as well, they will need to also be answered, so please give a honest and achievable reply.

Many thanks



ETA:May :yum::yum::yum::yum::yum::yum: