Probleme compatibility with some games

Hello, i have a problem with gates of nowhere and blade and sorcery with my pimax 5k+, when a take something in hand after i cannot left it. nothing happen when i puch grip button. Some have this same problems ?


Congrats on receiving your 5k+. What day did you receive?

@EarlyBackers will flag members whom have received headsets. I don’t have LHes & controllers.

@anon74848233 can you add to early backers group plz.

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wednesday :wink: and tracking day after :wink: very good surprise !

And i like it very much !


Yes a lot have this problem and i really hope it gets fixed.

What the verdict on this issue? Is it being looked at?

@anon74848233 @Sean.Huang @Doman.Chen

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Can this be moved off the general discussion? This is a technical problem and should be put in the support section.

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Done Toba you have received headset? Which one & Date plz.

Oh no i wish i had it now :rofl:. I saw 4-5 people with the complaint. So far no one is able to play blade and sorcery with the pimax unless im proven wrong.

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Ah maybe da @SweViver has perhaps. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:

This requirement need to be noticed


Do you guys have blade and sorcery? was wondering if everyone has this problem.

@SweViver @mixedrealityTV @VoodooDE


@Heliosurge @anon74848233 Anyone know how to get headset working with Ark:Survival Evolved? No matter what I do every time I start game it hard crashes headset (It powers off headset and will not let me turn it back on for about a minute. Small fov, normal, large and every setting doesn’t seem to matter it just crashes the headset.

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Not sure. Do you still need revive? Will try to give it a run.

Try pitool at 0.75 in small fov.
@EarlyBackers Ark & pimax?

Has the VR support in Ark actually improved? Last I heard the support was horrible and not worth the effort anyway.

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What backer number? 20 characters

i never use revive so I am not sure but no ark has native vr support. I never tried it though as I didn’t like the rift all that much

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i am backer 4536, 20 characters too ^^

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OMG I’m 4531 :sob::sob: (20)

Some games have native VR support. However games like Drift are Oculus supported & need revive to work on steam compatible headsets.

Ie Dying Light.

@Heliosurge Thank you I just tried revive and ark does not even show up on list though I still tried to start ark after installing and still no dice. However I do have another question. How do you get around the errors in some oculus games like Robinson: the journey, I no longer have oculus plugged in and when i try to start game it says I have hardware issue and it can not start. Do i really have to have oculus fully setup just to use some of the games. Others work no issue. I appreciate your help trying to get ark to work If you think of anything else please let me know.

Tbh. I don’t have a ton of experience with revive. Some games get detected. Others need Revive to be injected.

@EarlyBackers may have better insight.

Some old games used to check for oculus camera.