Problem 8kx only 25 fps after Experience optimization and gforce 3090

Hi, I have the correct drive and firmware for get 90hz on my 8kx and 3090
I get about 50fps con assetto corsa and it’s ok… Pitoll super sample 1.5 and steam 100%
very good image
Now I try to optimization steamvr on pimax experience. in auto mode… and fps low to 25fps. Revert back from pimax experience and it work again
I don’t remember my value in steam vr …I used in past little tool for auto correct steam .ini
I don’t know if now ithat is a problem of pimax experience. with 3090 and 90hz
I can stay in revert mode and work good, but curious if can otpimization.
I can edit manual the file, if there is one who tell me what’s the best setting for I9 10900 64gb ram and 3090

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Pitool 1.5 is way too high. Even 1.25 struggles on 3090. If you want to do 1.5, you’ll need to lower steam to like 30%.


Yes I reduce steam % depend on game… but in assetto corsa work fine, often on pitoll 1.5 and ream 110% work good in assetto. but this is not the problem, the question is why pimax experience cut my ftp. Maybe pimax experience auto optimization work only with pitool 1.25?

PE unlock your possible resolution up to 16xxx from 8xxx pixels horizontal. V reso goes also up.

ahh, and look if you use PP in both scenarios.

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pp always off in assetto corsa.

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Very True! But don’t get hung up on the SteamVr percentage - Always look at the final rendered result in SteamVr > Video > Per application settings - for final rendered resolution. I have measured it and the output matches what the settings say. Understand the resolution you are trying to finally hit at the end of the render pipeline.
I have a 3090 OC and a i9900KS running at 5.2 and I only use Pitool at 1.25 then the final adjustment in SteamVR.

Add images

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4050 x 3450 – not bad

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Thank you, after update experience to last version, pi tool 1.25, manual optimization and set assetto corsa to 70% then get 4120x2600 and hight fps about 85 … and at very big situation with many cars and fat tracks have about 65. Very good , not real mirror can be stay On. Next step return and optimization FS2000

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